Advisory Council

The college’s advisory council assists the dean and the associate dean as representative of the faculty. The committee does not limit its concerns merely to those referred to it by the dean or the associate dean, but by also addressing matters of interest to the college faculty, especially those concerns communicated to the members of the committee.

The current members are:

Member  Department   Term Expires
Robbie Goodrich, Chair
Professor, Tenured
History 2020
Lee Roecker, Vice Chair
Associate Professor, Continuing Contract Status
Chemistry 2020
Robert Belton
Professor, Tenured
Biology 2022
Robert Engelhart
Professor, Tenured
Music 2022
Hugo Eyzaguirre
Associate Professor, Tenured
Economics 2020
Gabrielle McNally
Assistant Professor, Not Tenured
Art & Design 2022
Hadi Shafei
Associate Professor, Not Tenured
Math & Computer Science 2022
Ruth Watry
Professor, Tenured
Political Science 2021
Anna Zimmer
Assistant Professor, Not Tenured
LLIS 2022


Access the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council Bylaws here.