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Tuition and Fees

Students are eligible for registration or for graduation after they have fulfilled all requirements, including the payment of all financial obligations to Northern Michigan University. Students who incur obligations while enrolled may have their enrollment terminated administratively and summarily for failure to pay that obligation.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is defined as the mandatory charge to attend class and receive an entry (credit or audit) on a transcript. All tuition rates are approved by the Board of Trustees.

A fee is defined as a mandatory charge for a student to attend a class or classes. Fees are approved by the Board of Trustees.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

At registration time, students must have the funds necessary to meet the cost of tuition and fees for the semester. All must be paid in full by the date specified. Northern Michigan University offers both an installment and deferral plan that enables students to pay tuition and on-campus housing charges. Details about the program may be obtained by contacting the Student Service Center. Regardless of registration status, students should not attend classes until all tuition and fees are paid, or an installment or deferral plan has been instated.

Undergraduate and graduate students who elect a half credit-hour course will be charged at one-half the cost per credit hour.

Students admitted to the Graduate College, as well as all students holding the first baccalaureate degree but not formally admitted to the Graduate College, pay the graduate rate for all 400 level courses approved for graduate credit, and for all 500 level courses. Senior students approved for and registered in graduate courses also pay the graduate rate for those courses.

Enrollments in all other courses are charged at the undergraduate rate. Auditors (students who attend classes but do not desire credit) are governed by the same financial regulations as students desiring credit.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Tuition and Fees

The 2003-2004 academic year on campus tuition and fees are listed below. The 2003-2004 full-time (24-36 credits per year) resident undergraduate tuition and fees are $5,110. The 2003-2004 full-time (16 credits per year) resident graduate rates are $4,094. The 2004 summer college resident undergraduate tuition is $185 for one to five credit hours and $165 for six and above credit hours. The 2004 summer college resident graduate tuition is $214 per credit hour. Current tuition and fee rates may be obtained on-line at or by calling 906-227-1221 or from the Student Service Center, 105 Cohodas Administrative Center, 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855.

Included in the on-campus 2003-2004 academic year tuition and fees rates listed above are the following:

Notebook computer: the use of a notebook computer is provided for all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled in eight or more credits. The computer will be replaced on a two-year cycle.

University fee: $305 per semester fee for the fall and winter semesters for all undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled in eight or more credits.

Student discretionary activity fee: $30 per semester fee for all students enrolled in six or more credits (on campus courses) for the fall and winter semesters.

In addition to the undergraduate tuition and fees listed above, a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100 is charged to all first-time, full-time freshmen and new undergraduate transfer students. The fee is assessed once and permits access to all regular season athletic events based on space available for up to six years as long as the student is enrolled in six credits or more.

The fee for transfer students is prorated based on the number of credit hours they transfer into Northern Michigan University. Transfer students with 56 or more credit hours will be assessed a fee of $50. Transfer students with less than 56 credit hours will be assessed a fee of $100.


Tuition and Fee Refunds

The university grants refunds for students who withdraw from the university or reduce their credit hour load within specified time frames. The computed amount is credited to the student’s account and all university obligations are deducted. The balance is returned (prorated) to applicable payment sources, with any refund due the student issued via university check.


Steps in the Refund Process

  1. Student withdraws or reduces credit hours.

  2. Tuition refund credit is calculated and applied to student's account.

  3. Room and board/apartment rent credit is calculated and applied to student's account.

  4. Financial aid adjustments are calculated and applied to student's account.

  5. Any other charges in student’s account are deducted from credit.

  6. Credit balance is allocated to applicable payment sources.

  7. Refund is returned to the payment source(s); if a credit balance remains, the student is issued a refund.

The amount of the tuition and fee refund credit depends upon the time of withdrawal, measured in calendar days. Refunds of Title IV funds are made in accordance with federal regulations.


Complete Withdrawal

Complete withdrawal from the university must be initiated in the Dean of Students Office. Students who are not able to withdraw in person are required to submit a withdrawal request in writing.


Withdrawal prior to the first official day of classes will result in a 100 percent refund credit.


Reduction in Credit Hours

Reduction of credit hours may affect financial aid status. Students should contact the Student Service Center or the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of a proposed change.


Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedules

Once classes begin, tuition refunds are calculated for complete withdrawals as follows:


Fall/Winter Semester Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedule

Time Period

Refund Credit %

On or Before the First Day of Class


2nd Calendar Day - 11th Calendar Day


12th Calendar Day - 28th Calendar Day


29th Calendar Day - 56th Calendar Day


57th Calendar Day - End of the Semester



Summer College Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedule

First Official Day of Classes Through Day Three


Day Four Through End of Course



Note: The university fee, student discretionary activity fee and the student athletic event fee are non-refundable.


Reduction in Credit Hours Tuition Refund Schedules

Students who reduce their credit hours are granted a refund credit for tuition and fees as follows:


Fall/Winter Reduction in Credit Hours Tuition Refund Schedule

Time Period

Applicable Courses

Refund Credit

First day of classes through the 9th calendar day

         all courses


After the 9th calendar day

         all courses


Note: No refunds are given for reduced credit hours within the 12-18 credit hour flat rate tuition range.

Summer College Reduction in Credit Hours Tuition Refund Schedule

Course Length

100% Refund

12 weeks

First three days of the class

8 weeks

First three days of the class

6 weeks

First three days of the class


Note: To receive a refund for classes that meet for less than six weeks, the student must withdraw by the Friday prior to the first day of classes.



Service Charges

Automobile Registration Charges

Students who park or operate a motor vehicle or bicycle on the university campus must register the vehicle with the Public Safety and Police Services Office no later than one week following the first official day of classes each semester. Students must pay the nonrefundable fee upon motor vehicle registration. Further information about automobile regulations can be found in the Motor Vehicle Ordinances publication available at the Public Safety and Police Services Office.


Classroom Materials/Supplies

Certain materials or supplies required by a class may be made available to the student through the university, basically at cost.


CLEP Examination Fee

Examinations fees are currently $58 for each test and are subject to change.  The College Level Examination is $46. The Northern Michigan University fee is $12. Payments are made when the exam is taken.


General Computer Lab Access Fee

General computer lab access is available for a fee of $60 per semester.


Graduation Fee

All students (including one year certificate recipients) will be assessed a nonrefundable $15 graduation processing fee for each degree awarded. Those students receiving a degree and electing to participate in commencement exercises can purchase a cap and gown through the bookstore.


Health Promotion Fee

Fee for enrollment in health promotion courses:


HP 211, HP 211A Beginning and Intermediate Bowling



Health Service Charges for Students

Health Center hours are 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Advance appointments are recommended. Patient-doctor visit charges are as follows:


Student and spouse–brief visit


Student and spouse–limited visit


Student and spouse–extended visit



all prescriptions filled at cost plus $3.50.

A complete schedule is available from the Health Center for other service charges (surgical, laboratory, etc.). In addition, a university-approved health insurance plan is available which covers most of these health service charges. Students are encouraged to consider this plan. Further information and a brochure are available through the Health Center.

International Study Fee

This fee applies to NMU students temporarily studying at schools outside the United States. It is equal to the actual costs, assessed by agreement with the foreign institution, which are in excess of the Northern Michigan University tuition level for the number of NMU credit hours granted, plus a $100-$250 charge depending upon program selected.


Late Registration Fee

Students who, for any cause, have not completed registration on time must pay a $25 fee; registration is only complete after all tuition and fees have been paid. Checks returned by the bank constitute late registration and the $25 fee is assessed. This fee applies to all instructional programs of NMU and to all students enrolling in eight or more credit hours. Students whose registration is delayed by the Academic Proficiency Committee are exempt from the late registration fee.


Library Fines

Fines accumulate on overdue materials at the rate of 10 cents per day per item. Overdue reserve items are charged at the rate of 60 cents per hour (1 cent per minute).


Students must pay replacement costs of all lost or damaged library materials which have been used in the library or borrowed. Materials not returned within 50 days after the due date, or materials not immediately returned when a student separates from the university (e.g. graduates, withdraws, is not pre-registered), are assumed lost and the borrower is charged for the replacement cost of each item, plus a per-item nonrefundable processing charge.


New Student Enrollment and Orientation Deposit

All newly admitted freshmen, undergraduate transfer and guest students who are planning to register for courses on the Marquette campus are required to pay a $75 “New Student Enrollment and Orientation.” The $75 provides the university with advance notice of intent to enroll.


Applicants who cancel their admission prior to June 1 for fall semester enrollment or December 15 for winter semester enrollment will receive, upon written request to the Director of Orientation, a refund of $35.


Non-sufficient Funds Charge

A service charge of $15 is assessed for each check returned by a bank because of non-sufficient funds in the account.


Nursing Test Charges

Students taking ERI tests will be charged a $60 per semester fee. A charge of $35 is assessed for any student taking the NLN-LPN Mobility Profile exams.


Pre-Professional Skills Test

A test fee will be assessed. This test and fee applies only to teacher education students.


Science Breakage Charge

Students enrolled in science laboratory courses must pay the cost of replacement for any broken glassware or equipment in excess of one dollar. Records of student breakage are maintained in the science department stockrooms and students are notified following the last laboratory meeting of any amount due. The breakage charge is not applicable to CH 490, CH 491, CH 598, CH 599; or PH 598 and PH 599. Breakage charges are payable to Financial Services Office.


Transcript Charge

The charge for each official transcript copy is $4; the charge for unofficial transcript copies is $1.


Wildcat Express Card (Student Identification Card)

Students receive a permanent identification card, known as the Wildcat Express Card, during their first semester of enrollment free of charge. However, a replacement charge of $15 is assessed for a lost or damaged ID card.


The Wildcat Express Card is your library card and copy card,  and it allows you access to many NMU goods and services.  Since many university offices and programs must verify that those requesting services are enrolled, students are required to carry their Wildcat Express Cards for identification purposes. Lending the card to anyone, or failure to present it when requested by university faculty or staff, is a violation of university regulations and subjects the holder to disciplinary action. Contact the Wildcat Express Office, 1107 University Center, for additional information.


Writing Proficiency Exam

The first exam is free. There is a $10 charge for retakes and a $10 charge for students who are no-shows for a scheduled exam and subsequently take the exam.


Appeals Process

An Appeals Committee exists to hear appeals from students who are requesting exceptions to university policy in the following areas: refunds past stated deadlines, late registration fees, and non-residency status. If a student feels that individual circumstances warrant exception to a policy, a written appeal may be sent to the Appeals Committee. Students wishing to submit appeals should contact the Dean of Students Office, 1104 University Center. The committee will consider the timeliness of the appeal in making its decision; appeals will not be considered for past semesters. The student will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.


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