Wellness Committee Members

Kristen Bjorne

Professional Title: Human Resources Representative

E-mail: kportale@nmu.edu


Sharon Carey

Professional Title: Director of Dining Services

E-mail: scarey@nmu.edu


Denise Hughes

Professional Title: AFSCME Representative

E-mail: dhughes@nmu.edu


Barbara Coleman

Professional Title: ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist, Professor in Health Physical Education and Recreation and the NMU Exercise Science Lab, AHA Community Training Center Coordinator, MS

E-mail: bcoleman@nmu.edu


Neal Collick

Professional Title: AFSCME Representative

E-mail: ncollick@nmu.edu


Kathy Maki

Professional Title: TOPS Representative
E-mail: kmaki@nmu.edu


Katie Theut

Professional Title: Fitness & Informal Recreation Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports
E-mail: ktheut@nmu.edu


Rhea Dever

Professional Title: Director-Human Resources
E-mail: rdever@nmu.edu


Robin Aho

Professional Title: Medical Office Manager

E-mail: robaho@nmu.edu


Rachael Nye

Professional Title: MS BSN RNC CNE, AAUP, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing

E-mail: rnye@nmu.edu


Brett Peterson

Professional Title: Operational Manager, Food/Nutrition
E-mail: brepeter@nmu.edu


Lenny Shible

Professional Title: Health Promotion Specialist, Health Promotion Office
E-mail: lshible@nmu.edu