Wellness Committee Members

Kristen Bjorne

Professional Title: Human Resources Representative

E-mail: kportale@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: Has a personal interest in being 'well', but also wants to stay in touch with what activities the Wellness Committee will be sponsoring for our faculty and staff.

Wellness Activities: Golf, snowshoeing, step aerobics classes


Sharon Carey

Dining Services
E-mail: scarey@nmu.edu


Martin Casey

AFSCME Representative
E-mail: mcasey@nmu.edu


Barbara Coleman

Professional Title: ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist, Professor in Health Physical Education and Recreation and the NMU Exercise Science Lab, AHA Community Training Center Coordinator, MS

E-mail: bcoleman@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: Health and Human Performance is an integral educational component of wellness at NMU. The Exercise Science Lab represents the application of the science of exercise and has an extremely qualified staff of professionals helping to disseminate the application of that science.   

Wellness Activities: NMU Health Fair, Dome walking when the weather is bad, otherwise walking/biking/hiking OUTSIDE in our beautiful community environment.

Julie Dobson

Professional Title: Nursing Support and Simulation Specialist

E-mail: jdobson@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: Believes in a healthy workplace and promoting wellness to all employees.

Wellness Activities: The various fitness classes and walking groups that are held at different times throughout the day for the NMU employees.


Christi Etelamaki

TOPS Representative
E-mail: cetelama@nmu.edu


Brian Gaudreau

Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreational Sports
E-mail: bgaudrea@nmu.edu


Ernest Johnson

Retiree Representative
E-mail: ejohnson@nmu.edu


Tracee Kauppila

Professional Title: Manager Vendor Payables/Cash Management, Financial Services Representative

E-mail: trcharbo@nmu.edu

Represents Wellness Committee: To assist and support fellow employees live healthier lifestyles and reduce medical costs.

Wellness Activities: Hiking, biking, aerobics, swimming, and walking

Dr. David Luoma

Professional Title: Medical Director, Ada B. Vielmetti Health Center/Physician

E-mail: daluoma@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: To coordinate with Health Center and to provide additional input for campus-wide opportunities and concerns.

Wellness Activities: Team sports and exercise


Meagan Hennekens

Professional Title: Employee Wellness Graduate Assistant PEIF/Human Resources, BS, CMT, RYT,

E-mail: mhenneke@nmu.edu; wellness@nmu.edu

Represents Wellness Committee: To incorporate creative programs that promote natural health and well-being to the full time staff and faculty at NMU.

Wellness Activities: Yoga, Massage, Hiking, Biking, Running, Sauna


Rachael Nye

Professional Title: MS BSN RNC CNE, AAUP, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing

E-mail: rnye@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: To promote a healthier campus community.

Wellness Activities: Walking, Biking Riding, visiting the YMCA


Robin Rahoi

Dining Services Dietitian
E-mail: rrahoi@nmu.edu


Lenny Shible

Health Promotion Office
E-mail: lshible@nmu.edu


Mark Smith

Professional Title: AUPP Representative and English Department Professor

E-mail: masmith@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: He is on the committee because he generally feels healthy and would like to help others feel well and healthy too.

Wellness Activities: Playing basketball, bike riding, some swimming, walking


Karen Suksi

Psychology Department
E-mail: ksuksi@nmu.edu


Katie Theut

Professional Title: Fitness and Informal Recreation Manager
Intercollegiate Athletics, Rec Sports, and USEOC

E-mail: ktheut@nmu.edu

Represents the Wellness Committee: To assist with the health, fitness, and wellness programming needs of the university faculty, staff, and their families by providing safe instruction, and promoting an atmosphere of wellbeing in and around the university.

Wellness Activities: Hiking, swimming, yardwork, travel, water aerobics, and snowshoeing