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The Uniting Neighbors In The Experience of Diversity (UNITED) Conference is aimed at informing the NMU and greater-Marquette area of the different types of perspectives and points of view, with the ultimate goal of helping people think differently about diversity and inclusion.


The 10th annual UNITED Conference will be held September 20-23, 2015. UNITED is NMU's yearly diversity conference and is free and open to the public. In honor of this year's milestone anniversary, Monday's schedule will focus on NMU alumni and community member presenters.


Previous Conferences

Videos of presentations and performances of previous UNITED conferences are available for people to experience and enjoy for years to come. See presentations from

Tolbert is a trans and genderqueer feminist poet and college writing instructor. At the 2014 UNITED conference, he gave a reading of his <a href=”http://mediasite.nmu.edu/NMUMediasite/Play/4a2d67b9aa4d4c8ba6cf67acd2983ee41d?catalog=114182a9-7e81-4c66-8723-3cbf46cca41e”>poetry</a> as well as a  on communicating, supporting and engaging the trans and genderqueer populations.Doefler is an author and editor of works that examines Anishinaabe resistance to racialization and the complex issues surrounding tribal citizenship and identity. Her <a href="http://mediasite.nmu.edu/NMUMediasite/Play/b42b667e2d234a868d6f5fdd755d47691d?catalog=114182a9-7e81-4c66-8723-3cbf46cca41e">presentation</a> at the 2014 UNITED conference focused on “Intersections: Identity and Tribal Citizenship Among the White Earth Anishinaabeg”.

Presentation Submissions

If you have ideas for a presentation please submit them here.