Figure Skating - Player Bios

2014 - 2015 Figure Skating

Alissa C

Alissa Chrisekos

Year: Freshman
Major: Biology with emphasis in Ecology
Experience: 7 yrs. 
Hometown: Clarkston, MI
Why NMU: Far away yet still in state tuition, plus nature man

Alyssa L.

Alyssa 'Lammy' Lambert

Competition Chair
Major: Multimedia Journalism & Political Science
Experience: 11 yrs. 
Hometown: Winthrop Harbor, IL
Why NMU: I got a good deal on tuition

Alyssa S.

Alyssa Schwab

Social Media Chair
Major: Photography
Experience: 15 yrs. 
Hometown: Ironwood, MI
Why NMU: Close to home but yet far enough away

Emily B.

Emily Briggs

Fundraising Chair
Major: Athletic Training
Experience: 18 yrs. 
Hometown: Bark River, MI
Why NMU: Beautiful area, close to home and had my major

Emma T.

Emma Trembeull

Year: Junior
Major: Biology/Physiology
Experience: 14 yrs. 
Hometown: L'Anse, MI
Why NMU: Beautiful location, close to home and friendly atmosphere

Hannah D.

Hannah Desmet

Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Why NMU:

Jaime E.

Jaime Elam

Major: Athletic Training
Experience: 18 yrs. 
Hometown: Huntley, IL
Why NMU: Marquette is a beautiful town and had my major

Jessica G.

Jessica Griffin

Year: Freshman
Major: Surgical Technology
Experience: 5 yrs. 
Hometown: Charlotte, MI
Why NMU: Marquette is beautiful and NMU is the perfect size for a small town girl

Jodi W.

Jodi Wizauer

Year: Sophomore
Major: Graphic Design
Experience: 16 yrs. 
Hometown: Sault St. Marie, MI
Why NMU: Close to home, opportunity to skate and location

Mikenzie F.

Mikenzie Frost

Major: Multimedia Journalism
Experience: 18 yrs. 
Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Why NMU: Why not? Northern naturally!

Nicole S.

Nicole Siffrar

Year: Junior
Major: Management of Health & Fitness
Experience: 15 yrs. 
Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
Why NMU: Marquette is beautiful and love the environment

Sydney L.

Sydney Landers

Vice President
Major: Economics & Political Science
Experience: 16 yrs. 
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU: It's better than Western

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Allison Edwards

Major: Hospitality Management
Hometown: Iron Mountain, MI
Why NMU: Far away yet still in state tuition, plus nature man

Mary Westwick

Mary Westrick

Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice
Experience: 7 yrs. 
Hometown: Marine City, MI
Why NMU: Beautiful scenery, a lot of organizations