Other Graduate Degrees

In addition to the Masters of Social Work Degree, graduates with the BSW are prepared to enter other human service advanced degree programs. Here are a few alternatives for your consideration. The programs included here are only illustrations and not an exhaustive list of potential programs and degrees.

 Rehabilitation Counseling - prepares graduates to work with persons who have physical, mental or emotional disabilities

Blind Rehabilitation - prepares graduates to work in the area of visual impairment.

Online Schools - for those students living in the U.P. wanting some graduate school options

Masters of Public Administration - prepares graduates for entry or advancing careers in public service including the areas of health care, non-profit sector and local government positions

Law Degree - prepares graduates to work in legal aid and advocacy, private practice and in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors

Masters of Public Health - prepares graduates to promote positive health practices and disease prevention, including assessing and monitoring of health practices, formulation of public health policy and promotion of access to health services.

Urban Planning - prepares graduates to work in the areas of environmental studies and urban planning which includes land use, housing, community and regional design efforts.