Figure Skating - Player Bios

2015-2016 Figure Skating Team


Jodi Wizauer

Year: Junior
Major: Graphic Communication
Experience: 16 years
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Why NMU: I could stay in the U.P. and I could skate


Nicole Rossi

Year: Freshman
Major: Surgical Technology
Experience: 17 years 
Hometown: L'Anse, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to home and opportunity to skate


Alyssa Schwab

Year: Junior
Major: Photography
Experience: 16 years 
Hometown: Ironwood, MI
Why NMU: Close to home and I love the area


Alyssa Lambert

Year: Junior
Major: Multimedia Journalism
Experience: 13 years 
Hometown: Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
Why NMU: Better deal than in-state schools


Rebecca Christy

Year: Freshman
Major: Secondary Education
Experience: 11 years 
Hometown: Iron Mountain, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to home and good education program.


Valerie Darnell

Year: Sophomore
Major: Radiography
Experience: 15 years
Hometown: Calumet, Michigan
Why NMU: Close to home and NMU has my major


Frances Zelinski

Year: Freshman
Major: Nursing
Experience: 11 years 
Hometown: Watersmeet, Michigan
Why NMU: Great nursing program and runs in the family


Emma Tembreull

Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Experience: 15 years 
Hometown: L'Anse, Michigan
Why NMU: I chose NMU for the close proximity to nature, community. It's also about the natural beauty, and down-to-earth-professors.


Allison Darnell

Year: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Experience: 15 years 
Hometown: Calumet, Michigan
Why NMU: I love how Marquette is just like my hometown, and also a great College of Business


Olivia Engelhardt

Year: Freshman
Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Experience: 5 years
Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Why NMU: Marquette is on the lake and is a relatively small sized school.

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Hannah Desmet

Year: Junior
Major: Nursing
Experience: 8 years
Hometown: Grass Lake, Michigan
Why NMU: NMU redefined my understanding of the word adventure from my first visit, and as a result it has helped me grow into a more well rounded individual

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Allisa Chrisekos

Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Science
Experience: 9 years
Hometown: Clarkston, Michigan
Why NMU: Trees & a really big lake

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Lili Eliza Lockwood

Year: Freshman
Major: Anthropology
Experience: 5 years
Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
Why NMU: The nature and community of Marquette. Also, NMU offers such a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships