Written Quotations on "Open Bids"

Written bids will be required on all purchases estimated to exceed $10,000 in value, with the exception of construction projects which require written bids over $20,000. Sealed bids will be requested on purchases exceeding $20,000.

When purchases are bid, three or more qualified sources will be requested to bid. When it is in NMU's best interest, the Manager of Purchasing may authorize an exception to this policy. When an exception is made to the bidding process, the reason for the exception will be documented. Examples of such exceptions would be: three sources not available, sole source, compatibility with existing equipment, specialized service, an emergency situation or factory direct purchase.

Purchases that are covered by an existing contract, such as State of Michigan, Educational & Institutional Co-op, Hospital Purchasing Service, Michigan Association of College & University Purchasing Agents or Northern Michigan University, do not have to be bid.