Purchasing Card Questions and Answers

Why was the purchasing card program implemented?
To provide departments with a widely accepted method of ordering small dollar and petty cash type items. Departments will now have another choice beyond the purchase order and petty cash options.

Are departments required to use the purchasing card for their purchases under $2,500?
Yes. The card can be a more convenient and efficient way of ordering items under $2,500. Departments are required to use the purchasing card if the vendor will accept it as a means of payment. If the vendor does not accept credit cards, a check request should be issued. Purchase orders will only be issued for purchases over $2,500.

How are additional cards obtained?
Card applications must be obtained from the Purchasing Department. The individual completes the application form, obtains the appropriate signatures and returnsĀ the application to the Controller's Office.

How long will it take to receive the card?
The Card will be delivered to NMU Purchasing in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Can the card be used for personal purchases if the department is reimbursed for the charges?
No, and as noted in the Card Agreement, non-adherence to this procedure may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Notify JP Morgan/Chase at 800-316-6056, NMU Public Safety and Police Services (227-2152) and the NMU Purchasing Department (227-2360). The department is responsible for any and all unauthorized use.

What is NMU's federal I.D. number?
NMU's federal I.D. number is #38-6029206.

May a department use the card for reimbursable and personal expenses, to include travel, hotel accommodations, entertainment, cash and meals?
No. Contact the Controller's Office for appropriate travel procedures.

May I use the card for "cash" advances for travel?
No. This purchasing card was designed for specific commodity purchases only.

May a department use the card for printing/copying?
No. In order to ensure compliance with the university printing and publications guidelines, those types of purchases are to be processed on a purchase requisition.

May departments use the card for repairs?
Yes, if the total repair cost is under $2,500. For computer repairs you must first contact Micro Repair; if they are unable to repair, you can use the purchasing card according to procedures. All other repairs may be handled under the purchasing card system.

May departments use the cards for advertising purchases?
Yes. You can use credit cards for advertising as long as university policy is followed. All position ads must be approved by Human Resources prior to placement; Academic Affairs positions must also be approved by the provost and vice president prior to placement.

Can the card be used to purchase laboratory chemicals and cleaning supplies?
Yes, provided the Hazardous Material Management Policy is followed.

Can the card be used to pay for cell phone services?

Can this card be used for phone orders?
Yes. However to avoid delivery delays, all shipping labels must be addressed as follows:

Northern Michigan University
Central Receiving
2073 Sugarloaf
Department/Individual Name
Marquette, Michigan 49855

How will payments be processed to the bank?
Upon receipt of a monthly billing statement from the bank to Accounts Payable, one monthly payment will be automatically processed. Each department will receive a billing statement from the bank for their file, that states the purchases made on each of their purchasing cards during that billing period. Departments should verify and reconcile all charges and the statement should be signed and dated by the department head, verifying that charges have been reviewed.

How should the department handle charges it does not recognize?
The department has 30 days to contest any charges. If there is a problem with any charges, notify JP Morgan/Chase Customer Service at 800-316-6056.

Should a department request a refund or credit from a vendor?
If you return something, you must request the credit be applied to your card.

How do I know if my card statement has been paid?
Verification payment information will appear on your accounting reports under account code 7136.

Can card charges be applied to account codes other than 7136?
Yes. Departments may request a different account code when applying for a purchasing card. This request needs to be approved by both the Purchasing Department and the Controller's Office.

What tax exempt information should I provide a vendor if they question NMU's tax exempt status?
In most cases, Northern Michigan University is exempt from sales tax. Provide the vendor with the following number: Michigan Sales Tax Number #69-035-001.

What is the last date of the monthly billing period?
The normal date will be the 26th of the month, but could vary by one or two days.

Will departmental purchases be subject to audit?
Yes. The Purchasing Department will review monthly, itemized statements from the credit card company, and the internal auditor will randomly select departments for review of purchases to ensure compliance with procedures.

Is it possible to obtain more than one card per account?
Yes, but each card must have a separate number.

Can the card be used to purchase, for example, file cabinets, office chairs or printers?
Yes, as long as the item is under $2,500. However, please contact the Purchasing Department as special contract pricing may be available.

What happens when our cards reach the expiration date?
New cards will be issued automatically through theĀ  Purchasing Department.

Can departments request a credit card company other than Master Card?
No. At this time there is no other option.

What is the maximum liability to the card holder's department if the purchasing card is stolen?
Departments are liable for any charges made to the card up to the date and time the card is reported as lost and/or stolen.

What records must I maintain?
Departments must retain and keep on file for the last four years all the original credit card invoices, showing the itemized purchases, along with the monthly statement signed by the department head.

May the card be used for business entertainment and meals?
Yes. Departments must follow guidelines indicated under item No. 6 of the Purchasing Card Procedures.