Clinical Settings

The School of Nursing is fortunate that the Marquette County area is rich in the quality and variety of health care agencies available for students for their clinical experiences.

UP Health System - Marquette, Upper Michigan's only regional medical center, is just across the street from NMU. In recent years, UP Health System - Marquette (formerly Marquette General Hospital (MGH)) has undergone exceptional growth and offers a full range of medical specialties and other health services. Students have the opportunity to work on a wide range of specialty units. UP Health System - Marquette has a state-of-the-art cancer treatment program; cardiovascular program; including open heart surgery; orthopedics; neonatal intensive care; rehab center; a wide range of psychiatric services; general medical and surgical care and the finest in diagnostic and lab services. 

UP Health System - Bell in Ishpeming, just a short drive from campus, allows students to explore the range of services provided by a community hospital. Students can discover general medical, surgical, pediatric and OB services offered there.

The Marquette County Health Department, UP Health System - Marquette Home Care and U.P. Home Nursing provide student experience in public and home health settings. Marquette County school systems also offer experiences in school nursing and health teaching.

Norlite Nursing Home, Jacobetti Veterans Facility and Marquette County Medical Care Facility all provide opportunities for experiences in long-term care and caring for the elderly. Marquette-Alger Community Mental Health Agency provides experiences caring for mentally handicapped clients. Bay Cliff Health Camp, Head Start and other child-care centers provide opportunities to care for children with health problems. In addition, there are numerous other agencies that can be utilized to meet the unique educational needs of our students.

Another major benefit to our students, aside from their academic clinical experience, is that many of the agencies hire student nurses in special work positions. This gives the student the opportunity to work to earn money and additional clinical experience time. Once the student completes some of the basic nursing courses, many work opportunities become available.