2014-15 NCLL Board of Directors

Judy Ashby, 225-0011

Pat Frenn, 225-1841

Ray Jarvis, 226-2031

Doug Knauer, 360-1942

Mary Letts, 249-3426

Carol Margrif, 249-9975

Gil Martin, 343-6609

Jim Matteson, 228-4165

Jane Pajot, (517) 110-3757

Eric Rehorst, 346-6639

Al Reynolds, 475-9836

Boli Soderberg, 226-9350

Marie Watanen, 226-3186

Charlie West, 226-3314

Chair:  Pat Frenn
Vice-Chair:  Jim Matteson
Treasurer:  Mary Letts
Secretary: Charlie West
Office Manager: Heidi Gould

Meetings are open. Consider stopping by.
The Board meets in 404-A Cohodas Hall
10 a.m. – noon on the third Wednesday, every other month –
August, October, December, February, April, & June.

Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs: Phyllis James and Sally Olsen
Membership Committee Chair: Judy Ashby, Ray Jarvis, and Jane Pajot
Publicity Committee Chair: Sally Olsen, Charlie West, and Phyllis James
Finance Committee Chair: Mary Letts
Ad Hoc Committees may include: By-laws Review, Nominating, Publicity, Membership