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What is the NCLL?

The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL) is an organization that plans and offers informal educational programs and activities to enrich the daily lives of its members and others through mini-courses, regular programs, outdoor activities and social events. Member directed, self-supporting and nonprofit, it is affiliated with Northern Michigan University and the Road Scholar Elderhostel Institute Network.

When and how often are programs offered?  More than twenty new courses are offered each term - summer/fall, winter, and spring. Both daytime and evening programs are available. For more information, see the following: Spring 2016 Program Guide,  Calendar, and Registration and Waiver

Please notice that some events require pre-registration and prepayment.


'Lifelong learning' is the "ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, rather than competitiveness and employability." Wikipedia

NCLL offers programs suggested by NCLL participants and community members who share their interest and desire to learn and stay active with others. If you have an interest, hobby, activity or experience you would like to share please attend an NCLL Curriculum Committee Meeting! The Spring 2016 Session will be planned during the next meetings scheduled for Tuesdays, January 5, 12 & 19 at 10am in Room 404A Cohodas Hall, NMU.  Please bring your idea, a proposed date, time and location to the meeting! THANK YOU!


Who is eligible to join or attend programs?  Membership and programs are open to anyone interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities. More information

Important Information:
NCLL Membership Dues for the 2015-2016 year are $30 with a charge for most classes; $3 for members and $8 for nonmembers. 

What are NCLL interest groups?
Initiated and managed by NCLL members, interest groups function independently of NCLL, but we want to encourage folks to get together around particular activities they enjoy.  On-going interest groups include Astronomy, Geocaching/GPS, Bridge, Lunch Out Together, and Walking/XC-Skiing. Learn more

NCLL Memberships Makes great Gifts!

For just $30 you can purchase a gift membership for friends and loved ones to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holiday and any special occasion! Send check and recipient name and contact information to the NCLL Office and an email greeting and registration information will be forwarded to the recipient. Hardcopies of the Program Booklet with the registration form and calendar are also available upon request.

Give the gift of learning!


Coming Up Spring 2016...


330: Field trip to The Ten Mile Forge and the Northern Sun Winery         

Wednesday, June 8  @ 8am 
8am, meet in Berry Events Center (BEC) east side parking lot or 8:15am at Cherry Creek Supermarket in Harvey.
$3 for members; $8 for non-members PLUS $1.00 for MarqTran paid to driver.
Special thanks to our presenters, George & Maureen Potvin and Dave & Susie Anthony

Visit with blacksmith George Potvin, world-renown for his knife making. See how  the knives, the scrimshaw work, and hand tooled leather sheaths are done.  A stop at the Ten Mile Creek Forge and Gift Shop before we leave for the Home Base Bar & Restaurant to have lunch. Then a tour of the North Sun Winery  vineyard with Vitner Dave to learn about the grapes, how they are processed into wine and alas to the Mediterranean-style cottage for wine tasting/purchasing if you choose. 

Michigan Gifts Shops



Northern Center for Lifelong Learning gets educated on airport rules HERE



A sudden fall can change our lives in a second and while we don’t like to talk or think about it, being proactive is more useful than avoiding the topic.  Once upon a time we were younger, more agile, bones were stronger, vision was more acute and our balance was better as well as our recuperative powers.  As we age our vestibular system changes, our ankles and legs become weaker, our reflexes are slower and medications and medical conditions make us more vulnerable. All this sets us up for falls and broken bones such as hip fractures, loss of independence, depression and a less active lifestyle.

Recently NCLL teamed up with UPCAP and SAIL to offer “A MATTER OF BALANCE” class.  The program is an award winning, evidence based program developed by Boston University and adapted for community based small groups.

This was a free, eight session course full of sharing fears, falls people had experienced, ideas, exercises, tips, professional presentations from physical therapists, and things that can be done to make participants more aware and to prevent falls. It included how to make changes to reduce risks, exercises to increase strength, balance and flexibility.

Some NCLL participants were very impressed by the class and had only good things to say about it in their evaluations. This would include Ginger the yellow lab (see photo) descending from royalty, who also seemed pleased with the opportunity to be supportive. While some people were skeptical going into it, they found the program went beyond their expectations for useful and practical information, meaningful interaction with others in the class, and praise for the instructional material and instructors.  One person even said “it was the best class they had ever taken.”  Quite a compliment and NCLL is so pleased to have facilitated the program. We send great big thanks to Julie and Jesse at SAIL and to UPCAP for making the program possible.

If you would like to get additional information about falls, causes and prevention you can easily google the subject and locate many sites.  In the meantime here are a few to explore:






NCLL Visits Bonifas Art Center

Michigan Watercolor Exhibit & Tour

NCLL members carpooled to Escanaba to visit the Bonifas Art Center. The weather was beautiful and it felt like a true field/road trip.  Everyone was in high spirits and we had a wonderful day.  The Bonifas arranged for a presentation by Sharon Johnson, a local water color artist, instructor and Bonifas member. She gave an interesting demo on mixed media using crayons and water colors.

We then had a tour of the Michigan juried watercolor traveling exhibit which was phenomenal. Abstracts, portraits, landscapes; all truly inspiring, beautiful and what an opportunity for us, as this was the only location in the Upper Peninsula with an exhibit this year.

We also learned some history regarding the Bonifas and its Romanesque structure of golden Kasota stone.  We had a tour of the auditorium and learned about the theater productions and other events that take place there. The Bonifas not only offers workshops, programs, and a place for artists to display their work, but also programs for youth and adults on theater,  art projects for the schools, and programs for community residents.  A big thank you to Pasqua, Corrinne and Sharon for providing us with such a great experience.  

By now we had worked up an appetite  so we stopped by the Swedish Pantry for a lunch and a look at all it has to offer from the floor to the ceiling.  It’s hard to keep the eye from wandering over the sights and sounds of the clocks, tea cups, salt and pepper shakers, lights, jewelry, clothing, baked goods, etc.  We also had a guest with us from Atlanta who was “impressed” with the uniqueness of the Pantry.

Some then went on to shop, tour the Sand Point Lighthouse and Museum or explore Escanaba. All in all everyone agreed it was a great trip and we should do it again!  

Sally Olsen, Program Liaison


Spring 2016

301: Woodworker rally IV

Mondays, March 7 - April 11 @ 8am
NMU Jacobetti Center, NMU


302: The Dangers of Meth in Michigan

Tuesday, March 8 @ 3pm
Room 101 B, NMU Superior Dome


303: International COP21 Conference Outcomes and Michigan-specific Climate Issues

Wednesday, March 16 @ 7pm
Room 101 B, NMU Superior Dome


304: Vielmetti-Peter Reserve Winter Hike

Thursday, March 17 @ 12:30pm
Meet at SW corner of Lowes parking lot


305: Lifetime Principles

Tuesday, March 22 @ 7pm
Community Room, Peter White Public Library


306: More Photography

Wednesdays @ 11am March 23, April 27, May 25, June 22
Room 414 Cohodas Hall, NMU


307: Hands-On with Leather

Wednesday, March 30 @ 10am
Marquette Arts and Culture Center


308: "Challenger" Astronaut Ron McNair's Legacy and the NMU McNair Scholar Program

Wednesday, March 30 @ 3pm
Room 136, Whitman Commons


309: Beekeeping 101

Tuesday, April 5 @ 6pm
Community Room, Peter White Public Library


310: The History of Golf in Marquette

Wednesday, April 6 @ 7pm
Marquette Golf and Country Club


311: Ballroom Class: Waltz

Thursday, April 7 @ 2pm
The Dance Zone (Corner of College and Lincoln)


312: Family Stories, Family Surprises

Tuesday, April 12 @ 7pm
Shiras Room, Peter White Public Library


313: Taxes, Retirement and Legacy Planning

Wednesday, April 13 @ 6:30pm
Room 101 B, Superior Dome, NMU


314: National Weather Service Station

Thursday, April 14 @ 1pm
112 Airpark Drive, Negaunee


315: What is Human-Centered Design?

Friday, April 15 @ 10am
Room 173, NMU Art & Design Building


316: An Enlightening Tour of a Grocery Store

Thursday, April 21 @ 10:30am
Super One Marquette


317: Hike 100 Challenge: North Country Trail Association

Friday, April 22 @ 10am
Meet at Berry Events center to carpool


318: Macrame...A Blast from the Past

Thursday, April 28 @ 1pm
404A Cohodas Hall, NMU


319: Matter of Balance

Mondays & Tuesdays May 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 31 @ 10am
Superior Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL)


320: Peru & Ecuador: Machu Pichu, The Amazon Basin, Galapagos Islands

Tuesday, May 3 @ 6pm
Room 101B, NMU Superior Dome


321: Curriculum Committee 2016 Summer/Fall Session Planning Meeting

Wed., May 14 & Thurs., May 12 & 19 @ 10am
Room 404A, Cohodas Hall, NMU


322: Dressing to Flatter

Wednesday, May 11 @ 7pm
ReBlossom Consignment Booutique 104 W. Washington Street   Marquette


323: AARP Smart Driving Class

Thursday, May 12 AND Friday, May 13 @ 10am
Room 108, First United Methodist Church


324: Knowing Your Health Department

Tuesday, May 17 @ 2pm
Shiras Room, Peter White Public Library


325: Annual Meeting and Picnic @ Lakenenland Pavilion

Wednesday, May 18 @ 12pm
Lakenenland Sculpture Park


326: Marquette's Gold Mines

Tuesday, May 24 @ 2pm
Shiras Room, Peter White Public Library


327: Tour Humboldt Ore Processing Mill

Thursday, June 2 @ 8am
Meet at Berry Events Center or Jubilee Market-Ishpeming


328: Exercise Equipment: Making it work for you!

Saturday, June 4 @ 1pm
Superior Fitness Facility, 102 Coles Drive


329: Introducing Abby Beecher Longyear Roberts

Tuesday, June 7 @ 2pm
Shiras Room, Peter White Public Library


330: Field Trip to The Ten Mile Forge and the Northern Sun Winery

Wednesday, June 8 @ 8am
Meet at Berry Events center or Cherry Creek Market-Harvey


331: Michigan's Upper Peninsula Magnificent Mansions & Country Cottages

Thursdsay, June 9 @ 7pm
Shiras Room, Peter White Public Library


332: Active Shooter Lecture: Self Protection and Personal Safety

Friday, June 17 @ 10am
Room TBA, Jamrich Hall


333: Engineers Day in Sault Ste. Marie

Thursday, June 23 @ 8am Meet at Berry events Center or Cherry Creek Market-Harvey.

Engineers Day in Sault Ste. Marie



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