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What is the NCLL?


The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL) is an organization that plans and offers informal educational programs and activities to enrich the daily lives of its members and others through mini-courses, regular programs, outdoor activities and social events.  More in About Us

When and how often are programs offered?

NCLL offers programs suggested by NCLL participants and community members who share their interest and desire to learn and stay active with others. More than twenty classes or events are offered each term in the day or evening - summer/fall, winter, and spring. If you have an interest, hobby, activity or experience you would like to share please contact the NCLL office, director or attend an NCLL Curriculum Committee Meeting! For more information on booklets and registration, see the Classes/Events page.


Who is eligible to join or attend programs?

Membership and programs are open to anyone interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities. NCLL membership dues for the 2016-2017 year are $30 with a charge for most classes; $3 for members and $8 for non-members.   More information


What are NCLL interest groups?

Initiated and managed by NCLL members, interest groups function independently of NCLL, but we want to encourage folks to get together around particular activities they enjoy.  On-going interest groups include Astronomy, Bridge, Lunch Out Together, and Walking/XC-Skiing. Learn more



NCLL Memberships Makes Great Gifts!

Are looking for a unique, and useful gift, yet one that is personal and will be enjoyed again and again?

For just $30 you can purchase a gift membership for friends and loved ones. NCLL offers 80-90 programs each year that cover the arts, history, culture, tours, field trips, science, nature, hiking, snowshoeing, potlucks, health issues and MORE. Send check and recipient name and contact information to the NCLL Office and an email greeting and registration information will be forwarded to the recipient. Hard copies of the Program Booklet with the registration form and calendar are also available upon request.

Give the gift of learning!


A Sampling of NCLL Programming


On December 18th, a Mining Journal article covered an NCLL Learning to Tango class, including a photo of the Soderbergs who "try out a few steps." Dancing to good health



Local resident Kurt Fosburg is one of only three certified Lampists in the nation. In January 2017 he gave a great educational, informative and fascinating presentation on the History of the Fresnel Lens. Those who attended had the highest accolades for Fosburg’s presentation – in the words of one participant “one of the best programs I have ever seen.”

The first thing we learned was the definition of a “Lampist:" an old-world term for a technician specializing in the set-up, repair, and preservation of classical Fresnel lighthouse lenses. Kurt, trained as an old world apprentice by the nation's leading lampist, followed this with a short lecture on the lens named after its French creator, Augustin Fresnel. Using a combination of the index of refraction of glass and the physics of light transmission, Fresnel created a mathematical formula to bend and focus the visible energy from a source of illumination into a concentrated beam of light to aid the Mariner at sea. The result was a beautiful combination of bronze framework and precision ground glass.

With increased U.S. shipping in the mid-1800s, the nation began purchasing the French Fresnel lenses for use in their lighthouses. Over time the classical Fresnel lens became obsolete, but instead of destroying these functional works of art the government began the process of removing the lenses from lighthouses and transferring them to local historical societies and maritime museums for public display. 

Traveling the country, Kurt delicately removing these priceless artifacts and restores them to their original luster for display.  He also manufactures missing components and associated clockworks mechanism, historically accurate reproduction of platforms, lamps, and other display items directly related to the Fresnel lens.  Mr. Fosburg has gone on to create his own unique company to further his interests and career.  As the youngest of the now retiring group of American lampists and the only one manufacturing replacement components, his talents, skills and passion for the subject shines bright. Some examples of Kurt's work are Stannard Rock near Marquette, Pointe aux Barques on Lake Huron, and Gibbs Hill on Bermuda.


If you would like to know more about NCLL, the programs or becoming a member contact the office or better yet, attend a program and experience for yourself. You can download booklet or registration forms or contact the NCLL office to request a paper copy.

Sally Olsen, NCLL Liaison; Photo and text provided by Kurt Fosburg


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Board of Directors
Office Hours: Tues and Fri 9-1


March 2017


304: Woodworker Rally IV
Mondays: March 13 – April 17   8 am-Noon
NMU Jacobetti Center, Room 137


307: More Than Beginning Photography
Wed., April 26, May 24, and June 28    11 am-1pm
NMU Cohodas Room 404A


309: Contra Dancing
Tuesday, March 28   1:30-3:30 pm
Dance Zone, 1113 Lincoln Ave., Marquette


310: Learning Bridge Basics
Wednesday, April 5     1-3 pm
Superiorland Bridge Club


311: Optimal Health and How to Steer Toward It
Friday, April 7     10 am-Noon
Silver Creek Church, Harvey


312: Introduction to Marine Navigation
Tuesday, April 11     10 am-Noon
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


316: Curriculum Committee 2017 Summer Events
Fridays, April 21, April 28, May 5  
10 am-Noon
Cohodas 404A


Closed Spring Classes

313: Tour Gossard Building & Lunch

314: Bikes, Trikes and More for Active Seniors
315: A Most Outlandish Place: The Wreck of the J.S. Seaverns

323: Food Lovers and Gardeners . . . This is For You

324: Prehistoric Garden Beds (CANCELLED)

325: Tour of Grandview Marquette (formerly Holy Family Orphanage)

326: Making a Decorative Mosaic Stepping Stone

326: Making a Decorative Mosaic Stepping Stone