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What is the NCLL?


The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL) is an organization that plans and offers informal educational programs and activities to enrich the daily lives of its members and others through mini-courses, regular programs, outdoor activities and social events.  More in About Us

When and how often are programs offered?

NCLL offers programs suggested by NCLL participants and community members who share their interest and desire to learn and stay active with others. More than twenty classes or events are offered each term in the day or evening - summer/fall, winter, and spring. If you have an interest, hobby, activity or experience you would like to share please contact the NCLL office, director or attend an NCLL Curriculum Committee Meeting! For more information on booklets and registration, see the Programs/Events page.


Who is eligible to join or attend programs?

Membership and programs are open to anyone interested in pursuing intellectual, recreational, and/or social activities. NCLL membership dues for the 2016-2017 year are $30 with a charge for most classes; $3 for members and $8 for non-members.   More information


What are NCLL interest groups?

Initiated and managed by NCLL members, interest groups function independently of NCLL, but we want to encourage folks to get together around particular activities they enjoy.  On-going interest groups include Astronomy, Bridge, Lunch Out Together, and Walking/XC-Skiing. Learn more



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Are looking for a unique, and useful gift, yet one that is personal and will be enjoyed again and again?

For just $30 you can purchase a gift membership for friends and loved ones. NCLL offers 80-90 programs each year that cover the arts, history, culture, tours, field trips, science, nature, hiking, snowshoeing, potlucks, health issues and MORE. Send check and recipient name and contact information to the NCLL Office and an email greeting and registration information will be forwarded to the recipient. Hard copies of the Program Booklet with the registration form and calendar are also available upon request.

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A Sampling of NCLL Programming


NCLL recently visited The historical Gossard Manufacturing (1920-1976) Building in Ishpeming, MI.  It was built in 1880 and as of 2016 is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Paul and Sandy Arsenault now own the building and are doing their part to preserve the history of the building and the Gossard Girls. What a historical gem!  Over its 56 year history it employed nearly 1000 people (mostly women).  Its main product was undergarments for women (especially the lace front corset, brassiere and panty girdle). Many of us will have to admit to remembering/wearing.  I guess you could say these garments were the forerunner of Spanx!! 

The upstairs cutting/sewing room is intact with an original 1911 sewing machine.  Likewise they are still finding needles imbedded in the floor. There are some examples of the garments that were produced there, newspaper ads, articles and a tribute wall. Sandy looks for and appreciates any information from the public on these workers, the garments and stories associated with the Gossard Girls!

The women shared a camaraderie which brought into being things like picnics and bowling leagues. They also shared a free lunch together in the Gossard cafeteria.  There was an house paper called “The Gossardian” which published marriages, births, household tips like using oxalic acid to get rid of rust stains, and social commentary about the workers, local activities, etc.

The work force was mainly a labor market of single women, miner’s wives and daughters. There were also some men (about 20%) who were mostly cutters. In turn it gave women the opportunity to have a job, learn a trade, and an income.  They could buy a washing machine and contribute to the family, as well as the community economy, which was especially true during the war and the depression. This was the beginning of computer age, and this type of work being sent overseas for production.

There is also another part to the Gossard story which revolves around the “strike of 1949.” One of Marquette’s very own icon’s, Geraldine DeFant, who many of you will remember, came to Marquette, organized and led the famous Gossard Worker’s Strike to join the garment-workers union.  This was a very interesting strike and I suggest you research the information out there and learn more about it

There is additional information on Gossard Manufacturing, the building, workers, strike and more; all yours ready for only the search on your part.  Thanks to Sandy Arsenault for the presentation!

Sally Olsen For NCLL



While giving a tour of facilities to NCLL on March 22nd, Mike Kaurala, the OTS director, and two coaches Vance Newgard (weight-lifting) and Rob Hermann (wrestling) described the OTS background, current affairs and future options. The Mining Journal published an article, "Seniors Go Olympian" written by Christi Bleck.

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July 2017

105: Setting Up For Facebook – Hands on
Monday, July 24    10 am-Noon
2303 Hedgcock NMU

106: Peter White Public Library - the next 20 years
Tuesday, July 25    2-4 pm
Shiras Room, PWPL

107: More Than Beginning Photography
Weds., July 26, Aug. 23, Sept. 27, Oct. 25   11 am-1 pm
NMU Cohodas Room 404A

108: More Jewelry Making with Copper Findings
Thursday, July 27    1-4 pm
NMU Cohodas Room 404A

109:  Tour the New Marquette Energy Center
September or October –
Tour Dates TBD
Marquette Energy Center, Wright Street

110: What’s a Woodcut? – One Artist’s Answer
Tuesday, August 8    12-3:30 pm
Sand River Studio – 3140 M28 East (See booklet for carpooling info)

111: Meet the U.P.’s New Poet Laureate
Thursday, August 10    7-9 pm
Shiras Room PWPL




Closed Programs

123: Climate and Public Health (Canceled)
130: Climate: Through a Glass Brilliantly (Canceled)

131: Fall Hike on the Vielmetti-Peters Reserve (Closed)