AISES Presentation

The NMU Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) will present on their recent trip

to Orlando, Florida to attend the national conference.  See photo highlights at F14 AISES conference.



Join us on Tuesday, December 2 at 5:30pm

in the Whitman Commons (Room 136) on NMU campus. 


Sign up for Winter 2015 NAS courses.

News and Information



Visit the Center's on-line photo gallery at Native American Studies at NMU Flickr photostream.  This extensive photo gallery documents many years of various activities at the Center.  You can also visit the Decolonizing Diet Project Flickr photostream.  Find these programs on Facebook:  the Center for Native American Studies, the Native American Student Association, and the Decolonizing Diet Project.    


Visit our Archives to review past presentations, workshops, classroom projects, conference highlights, and other information about the Center.

We have information and links to share if you are looking for  upcoming local, regional and national conferences or events in Indian Country.  Visit our resource room where you can find links of interest, news relating to Indian Country and scholarships and internships. Also important resources such as the Michigan Indian Legal Services.

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Purchase your copy of the Voice on the Water: Great Lakes Native America Now.  Voice on the Water is a compilation of over 70 writers and artists creating a "community portrait of contemporary American Indians in Michigan."  Available at the Center for Native American Studies, 112 Whitman Hall. 


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Learn more about the Center

native american studies videoLearn about the Center for Native American Studies, in the 2013 CNAS Video.  In particular, the video highlights a hide-tanning workshop that took place in winter 2013, but April also discusses the Native American Studies minor and opportunities available to all NMU students, regardless of background or major.

NAS minor video

Watch the NAS minor video as NMU student Alice talks about her experiences with the program.

Showcase of Scholarship

An honoring dinner and farewell celebration for three retiring NMU faculty was held on Thursday, November 13.  See photo highlights at 
F14 Gaabiaasibwitaagejig

The Native American Student Association hosted the First Nations Food Taster on Friday, November 7.  See photo highlights at F14 annual FNFT Photos.

For other activities in the Marquette area, please see the F14 NAHM flyer

Anishinaabe News

The newest edition of the Anishinaabe News will be mailed shortly. If you would like to receive a copy, call us with your address. See past editions of the Anishinaabe News, NMU's Native American student run newspaper.

Writers, photographers and proofreaders welcome.  Be a part of Anishinaabe News! To submit an article or make suggestions for future articles, follow the Nish News submission guidelines.

The Gift is in the Journey

Fire Site
"Minowaan mewizing bmi iyaangmaampii

This saying is pivotal to the focus of NMU's Center for Native American Studies. We are all on a journey; your time at Northern Michigan University is a journey, one which you shape and mold.  Pictured above:  Whitman Woods Fire Site

Anishinaabe Words for the Month

Minado Giisoonhs

(Min-ah-doh Gee-soonhs)

Little Spirit Moon - December


Learn about the Moons of Anishinaabeg