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The Center for Native American Studies offers a holistic curriculum rooted in Native American themes that challenges students to think critically and communicate effectively about Indigenous issues with emphasis on Great Lakes Indigenous perspectives; stimulates further respectful inquiry about Indigenous people; and provides active learning and service learning opportunities that strengthen student engagement, interaction, and reciprocity with Indigenous communities.


Learn about the history of the Center for Native American Studies. From the creation of the Nishnawbe News to the official inception of the Center of Native American Studies in 1996, there has been sustained growth in preserving Native American history on campus and throughout the nation.  

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Come visit our photo gallery on Flickr. This extensive photo gallery includes pictures from our events and activities.

Visit our Archives to review past presentations, workshops, classroom projects, conference highlights, and other information about the Center.

If you are looking for information on upcoming local, regional and national conferences and events in Indian Country, visit our resource room. There you can find links of interest, news relating to to Indian Country and scholarships and internships.

The Center for Native American Studies has tote bags available for purchase. The bags are 15" x 19" and made of durable polyester. They are a great alternative to plastic shopping bags. Check out our store here for other items available.

Baashkaakodin Giizis   (bah-shkaa-koh-din geezehs)       Freezing Moon           See <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/nativeamericanstudies/moons-anishinaabeg">Moons of the Anishinaabeg</a>The Decolonizing Diet Project Cookbook is available at the Center for Native American Studies.  Add the DDP vinegar recipes to your book - <a href="http://www.nmu.edu/nativeamericanstudies/sites/DrupalNativeAmericanStudies/files/UserFiles/DDP_Vinegars_Recipes_.pdf">DDP Vinegar Recipe</a>Join the Native American Student Association as they host the 16th annual First Nations Food Taster.  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 from 5-7pm in the JACOBETTI COMPLEX. See more information at the <a href="https://www.nmu.edu/nativeamericanstudies/first-nations-food-taster">F16_FNFT</a> A panel discussion will take place on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm in the Marquette Regional History Center on Third Street. Anthony Carrick, Grace Chaillier, Violet Friisvall-Ayres, and Pat Micklow will be the panelists discussing legal jurisdiction, Violence Against Women Act, concepts of revenge and how adolescents deal with tragedy.

Degrees Offered

What you can do while at NMU

Northern Michigan University has three Native American student groups - the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Native American Language and Culture Club, and Native American Student Association. Attend their meetings or participate in various activities. Write, photograph or proofread for the Anishinaabe News. Visit the resource room to gather items for your classroom research projects or to learn more on your own.

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We are located at 112 Whitman Hall on the campus of NMU. 

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