Andrea Jovanovic - Alumni Speak

Andrea Jovanovic

I count my decision to continue studying French in college as one of my most farsighted when I think of all the opportunities I would not have had without it.   One of these greatest opportunities was the time I spent studying abroad in Grenoble, France.  While my chosen field of study was able to place me in such an incredible area, my knowledge of the language also gave me the ability to communicate with my host family, classmates, professors, and the city inhabitants.  It also helped to get me out of some sticky situations.  It is an experience I can relive down the road in Francophone areas around the world.  

French has certainly expanded the range and power of my own language, which has boosted the confidence I’ve needed in key situations. Interviewers and management at my current career have asserted that my proficiency in French played a big factor in getting me noticed quickly.

I will always be grateful to the French program at NMU and Dr. Kupper in particular for challenging me to my greatest potential and showing support and confidence in me.

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