The Health Center seeks to provide quality health care for our students, faculty/staff and eligible dependents.  Please call to schedule your appointment and know that we are reserving some "same day" appointments and will maintain a Wait List during the busy academic year to get people in as soon as possible. We are available in the Spring/Summer also, with greater opportunity for same day service.  Please be specific for your visit reason, so we may best address your needs.  If you have been to the Emergency Room or another provider's office, please let the scheduler know, so we may coordinate records the provider may need for your visit.  

For emergencies, Dial 911.  The Superior Walk In Center (located at the Peninsula Medical Center)  and UP Health Systems Emergency Room (adjacent to NMU Campus)  are available after hours or when we are closed.  Please let them know if we are your primary care provider so that records will be sent to our clinic. 

NMU Health Center Phone:  906-227-2355     Fax:  906-227-2332 or 906-227-1332    General Email: (please do NOT sent personal health information via email, please use the patient portal)   Patient Portal: 

*Please feel free to call the clinic during regular business hours for us to reset your portal, if you are unable to access.

Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) presented the NMU Health Center clinic with a "Site of Excellence Award" in honor of utilizing MCIR to enhance immunization practices. 

Please check with YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY for coverage of any lab work, mammogram, ultrasound, or other tests that you are given a referral for.  There is a Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card that can answer specific questions about your policy. We cannot guarantee coverage under your specific insurance.  We are happy to file a claim on your behalf, you may have deductibles and/or copays you are financially responsible for.  Please request a summary before you leave, once you have the work done and billed out, the order and diagnosis cannot be changed.  Thank you.

We welcome students/families to stop in the Health Center while visiting campus, please drop off Immunization information and/or insurance at the Front Desk.  Please make sure we have current demographics on file with and the Health Center.  Please bring your insurance card and driver's license to pick up prescriptions.  Thank you.

News and Information
Norman in China

Acupuncture at NMU

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine that uses sterile needles inserted at certain points of the body for relief of pain and various other health conditions. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment call 906-227-2355 to schedule an appointment with an NMU provider or click here for more information.

Electronic Medical Record

We have converted to electronic medical records.  We are offering our patients access to a "Patient Portal" where you can access your medical records, update your information, and communicate with our staff. We just need a valid email address on file. Once you are signed up for the portal, the link is 

Thank you, Health Center Staff

STD Awareness

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated that the sexually transmitted disease (STD) issue is huge, both in raw numbers and financial impact. 

The following links provide additional information about STDs:
-General Information about STDs
-STD prevention
-Chlamydia facts
-HPV facts
-Facts about other STDs

Family Planning Services

Family planning is more than just birth control. It includes screening services that help find serious health problems. The true program covers office visits for family planning-related services, birth control, contraceptive supplies and devices, lab tests, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and some sterilizations for women 21 years of age and older.

Application forms and additional information:

-Plan 1st website

-Plan 1st brochure

-Plan 1st paper application

-Plan 1st online application


Check out great information at:

Current issue:

NMU Health Center (Vielmetti)


The Health Center is located on the ground floor of Gries Hall. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 906-227-2355 Please kindly cancel in advance, if you are unable to keep your appointment, this allows others to have the opportunity to be seen.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Health Center Hours (Begins May 4, 2015):

  • Clinic 8am to 4pm  (Physicians Visits by appointment, please call 906-227-2355 to schedule)
  • Lab  (9am to Noon and then 1pm-3pm Monday through Thursday, no lab on Friday afternoons
  • Pharmacy: 10am - 4pm  (Refill LIne: 906-227-1167) 

*** PLEASE tell us if you are an actively enrolled student, faculty/staff and provide your current address, phone, email, insurance at each visit.  Advise the Front End Staff if you have recently been to the Emergency Room, Walk-In Center or other provider so we may get the most current records on file for your visit.  Keep an updated medication list with you, advise when a medication/vitamin is stopped or added and keep your medical records current and complete.



911If a situation is life threatening, call the campus emergency telephone number 911, or go directly to the Marquette General Hospital Emergency Department, 508 W. College Ave.  The Superior Walk In Center is available after hours until 9pm or on weekends, 1414 W Fair Ave.  If you go to the ER or Walk-In, if you will be following up with the Health Center, please have them send us your visit note.

The on call provider can be reached after clinic hours through the Marquette General Hospital switchboard at 906-228-9440.

Credit Card Payments

The Health Center accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit card payments.  Payments can be accepted at the front desk for all medical office procedures and at the pharmacy for prescription and over the counter medication.  Reminder to use your Take Care Visa at the time of service, once it goes to your e-bill, Flex/HS Cards cannot be used at Student Services for payment.  Thank you.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

We value you as a patient and want to ensure that our level of care and service met your needs.  As part of this effort, please complete this brief survey.   We have a locked suggestion box in the patient lobby if you wish to leave a comment.  For comments/concerns, you may email or call 906-227-2357 to speak to the Medical Office Manager.

Medical Excuse Policy

The NMU Health Center will not provide students with medical excuses for absences from class or missed deadlines due to short term illness or injury.   The entire medical excuse policy is available by clicking on the link provided below.

-Complete Medical Excuse Policy