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Academic Information Services/Academic Computing Office

Address: 116 Learning Resources Center
Phone: 906-227-2468
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Teaching, Learning and Communication (TLC)

Northern Michigan University's vision for education in the 21st century is a learning environment that embraces technology to enhance student access, promote the development of independent learners and encourage greater student-faculty communication and collaboration. To help achieve this vision, the university provides a technology package that ensures students and faculty have a standard set of tools (hardware and software) that meet a majority of their computing and telecommunications needs, promotes communication and enables quality support.  NMU was the first public university in Michigan to pursue the idea of a "mobile" campus.

All full-time NMU undergraduate students (registered for 12 or more credit hours) and full-time graduate students (registered for 8 or more credit hours) are supplied with a mobile device and software with a standard set of applications, including Microsoft Office, and 24-hour local access to the campus network (including the Internet) as part of tuition and fees. Undergraduate student in art and design majors will be issued a MacBook® notebook computer for an additional fee of $250 per semester

The TLC program includes these comprehensive features:

  • Classrooms in new/remodeled buildings are designed to facilitate mobile device/network use by faculty and students. Most classrooms have wireless access to the network, and if not, a network port at every seat.
  • Wireless access is available in all residence hall rooms, the library and in numerous lounges, study rooms and public places around campus. Although electronic documents are encouraged, networked printers are installed in various campus locations for hard copy documents.
  • The university has a help desk and walk-in service center located at 116 Edgar L. Harden Learning Resources Center to handle mobile device maintenance and university supported software questions and problems. Phone: 906-227-2468, e-mail:
  • NMU leases the mobile devices and issues them to students on a replacement cycle. There is a $500 fee that the student will be responsible for if the mobile device is stolen, and a $50 fee if the mobile device is subjected to “abnormal abuse” (spilling a beverage on the keyboard, dropping the device, etc.). It is recommended that an insurance provider be contacted to either obtain additional coverage or add the mobile device to an existing policy.
  • Students, faculty and staff living in the City of Marquette and several neighboring cities also have access to the NMU's nationally recognized WiMAX network.  This network employs next-generation (4G) wireless technology that provides connectivity outside the range of the NMU WiFi network.   More information about NMU's WiMAX network, coverage maps and how to connect to the network can be found on the NMU WiMAX page.
  • Although electronic documents are encouraged, networked printers are installed in various campus locations for hard copy documents.
  • Continuing students who pre-register for the following fall are able to use the mobile device through the summer at no additional charge.

What To Expect

A few weeks before your first semester begins, new students will receive a Teaching, Learning and Communication Initiative information communication. This information will include an agreement along with information on the assigned day, time and place to pick up the mobile device. Distribution will begin within five days of the beginning of the semester.

A variety of mobile device setup and training options will be available. There will also be accessories available from the NMU Bookstore. The NMU Bookstore offers inexpensive printers, drives for backup and storage, bags and cabling to support the mobile device.