Financial Aid - Study Abroad

A number of graduate assistantships are available each year in selected departments. Appointment is made to the position(s) by the department. A general graduate assistant application form, available in the College of Graduate Studies, should also be completed and submitted. This form will be forwarded to the specified department. Graduate assistantships are awarded to highly qualified graduate students on the basis of academic merit.

A. Purpose

Graduate assistantships provide students with opportunities that complement and enhance their graduate education and give them experiences appropriate to the professional, academic, or research career for which they are studying. They also provide financial assistance to students pursuing full-time graduate education.

B. Qualifications

To qualify for a graduate assistantship, a student must:

  1. be enrolled in a degree program with regular admission
    status; and
  2. have been a graduate assistant for less than two academic years.

Once appointed, the graduate assistant must:

  1. be enrolled in at least six, but no more than 10, credits of graduate work that is relevant to the declared program of study during the fall and winter semesters. A six-credit load does not substitute for the required number of credits to be a full-time student. A minimum of eight credits must be taken during the fall and winter semesters to qualify as a full-time student;
  2. maintain an overall graduate grade point average of 3.0;
  3. meet the qualifications as determined by the nature of the particular assignment;
  4. satisfactorily perform the duties assigned as evaluated by the faculty supervisor; and
  5. make satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree.

C. Responsibilities

The duties of a graduate assistant will be designed to complement the student’s graduate program. The duties assigned to the graduate assistant are subject to the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies, and may include teaching/supervising lecture or laboratory sections under the guidance of a faculty member; assisting in research projects for a department or individual faculty member; grading papers; developing curriculum materials; assisting in educational or service projects of the department; and performing limited clerical duties. A graduate assistant’s work load consists of up to 20 hours per week, or an equivalent teaching load during the fall and winter semesters.

Graduate Assistant Stipends

Stipends for graduate assistants have been standardized for full-time appointments. Some part-time assignments may be available in some departments and will vary depending upon assignment.

Salary and tuition reduction fees are stated in both the contract and the job description for each position. Amounts for each year will be identified, but may vary between departments.

Graduate Assistant Tuition Scholarships

Graduate assistants normally receive graduate tuition scholarships for the fall and winter semesters. Graduate assistants who wish to extend the graduate tuition scholarship of (16) credit hours to include up to a maximum of four (4) hours during the summer session must request permission to do so from the College of Graduate Studies. Failure to enroll in the approved summer hours by June 1 will result in forfeiture of the remaining graduate tuition scholarship for that academic year.

Note: NMU’s fiscal year begins July 1, so assistant tuition scholarships for the first year are applicable for the fall and winter semesters. January 2 is the application deadline to save credits from the second year for summer tuition. Graduate assistants opting to enroll in summer session course work under this policy may not extend any work assigned to their graduate assistantship beyond the end of the winter semester.