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FYE Teaching Assistants

We have Student Teaching Assistants in each of our UN 100 Freshman Seminar classes. If you're a dependable, highly-motivated student, you should consider a teaching assistant internship. You can help incoming freshman get the most out of their academic and extracurricular experience at  NMU  by assisting them with their transition to college life.


Meet the Teaching Assistants!

Role of TA

The Role of a TA

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Teaching Assistants play a very important role in the success of the FYE program.  It is both an honor and a rewarding opportunity for professional and personal growth.

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Teaching Assistants work with a faculty member in the planning, facilitating, and coordination of a UN 100 course.

TA's act as peer leaders, helping first-time freshmen successfully make the transition to college through activities, including:
  1. Moderating discussions.
  2. Planning activities and informational opportunities.
  3. Leading whole group and small group initiatives
  4. Serving as a role model, mentor, and liaison.

Meet the TA's

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Meet the UN 100 Teaching Assistants!

Student Teaching

Assistant Organization

STAO is a student organization that provides a formal structure for FYE TAs to connect with the NMU community and one another.  Open to all FYE TAs, this group organizes the bi-annual TA appreciation luncheon, volunteer activities in the community, the calling campaign, and consults the FYE Coordinator on topics relevant to the UN 391 course.  The President and Vice President of STAO serve as members on the FYE Advisory Board.  The FYE Advisory Board is comprised of NMU faculty and administrative staff and advises the FYE Coordinator on all matters FYE (textbook choices, UN 100 instructor hiring, and special programs).

UN 391:  Teaching Assistant Training Seminar

UN 391 is a hybrid format, discussion-based course for UN 100 course Teaching Assistants.  It aims to provide practical strategies, resource knowledge, and evaluative skills necessary to effectively serve in their Teaching Assistant role. 

The course is a one credit course. Enrollment is limited to and required for First Year Programs Teaching Assistants.  UN 391 is a credit-earning course, and can be used towards the fulfillment of degree requirements.

Teaching Assistant Handbook