Teaching Assistant Position Description

First Year Experience Program
Northern Michigan University

Position Description:
Teaching Assistants will work with a faculty member in the planning, facilitating, and coordination of a UN 100 course. Teaching Assistants act as peer leaders, helping first-time freshmen successfully make the transition to college through activities including: 1) moderating discussions; 2) planning activities and informational opportunities; 3) leading whole group and small group initiatives; and 4) serving as a role model, mentor, and liaison.


Roles and Expectations:          

  1. attend ALL  FYP and UN 100 training sessions and meetings including UN 391
  2. work with the assigned UN 100 faculty member to plan the syllabus, course content, meetings, outside activities, etc
  3. serve as a mentor and role model for academic, co-curricular, and leadership behaviors as well as meet with students outside of class as requested by the UN 100 faculty member
  4. teach at least one lesson provided by UN 391;  present information, arrange activities, and facilitate discussion
  5. be reasonably accessible to the UN 100 students and faculty member; provide assistance to include appropriate referrals to the students and facilitate communication between the students and UN 100 faculty member
  6. dedicate an average of six hours per week for UN 100 preparation, coursework and/or activities

Teaching Assistants play a very important role in the success of the FYE program.  It is both an honor and a rewarding opportunity for professional and personal growth. Students serving as a Teaching Assistant have very high expectations for this significant role and are selected based on the following criteria:

Application/Selection Process:

  • Application Process: Winter Semester
    • applications due by the end of week 6
    • interviews are held between week 7 and week 10
    • selection and block assignment is made by week 12
  • Selection Criteria: The following is considered when reviewing applicants
    • cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • minimum 24 earned credit hours
    • free from disciplinary probation
    • involvement on campus
    • good communication skills
    • desire to connect with FYE students and committed to being a good mentor/role model
    • ability to speak in front of groups
    • exemplify personal management skills (time, stress, health) and achievement skills (study, note-taking, test-taking)
    • availability
    • letter of reference

 To apply, visit the online application  Fill out the form and select appropriate semester for application. Hit the "Submit Application" button.

  • Have a letter of recommendation sent via e-mail to cocole@nmu.edu If not, submit it in person at the FYP Office in room 2001 Hedgcock.


  • All Teaching Assistants are required to attend the UN 100 Peer Leader Workshop during week 14.  The workshop will include goals, ideas and format for the UN 100 class. 
  • All Teaching Assistants will be enrolled in UN 391 Peer Leader Seminar for the fall semester.