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Access Now Knows No Bounds.

Welcome to the EAN.

LTE service provided by Northern Michigan University without data caps or reduced speeds.

Expanding Everyday.

Where is the EAN?

The EAN is continually adding new areas, see where we currently offer service and where the future is planned.

Current Service

  • Bad River, WI
  • Chocolay
  • Crystal Falls
  • Escanaba
  • Gwinn
  • Harvey
  • Houghton
  • Ishpeming
  • KI Sawyer
  • Marquette
  • Negaunee Township
  • Negaunee

Under Development

  • Watersmeet

Future Plan

  • Entire U.P.
Educational Access for All

The cost and coverage of broadband internet service shouldn't stop access to learning.

Introducing the Educational Access Network (EAN).

A new, creative and affordable way of bringing high-speed educational broadband with a full range of educational opportunities to rural America. The EAN’s epicenter is located at Northern Michigan University, the educational leader of technology in the Upper Peninsula.

Forest image with WiFi icon
It Starts Here

Where We Fit.

The goal of the Educational Access Network (EAN) is to provide broadband access and educational resources to individuals looking to take courses, advance their careers, fulfill personal development needs, explore new topics, or regularly exercise their brains.

It Begins with Access

Though many of us take connectivity for granted, many communities still don’t have access to broadband services due to price, location disadvantages or availability.

Unfortunately, many of these places are also educational centers, like schools or libraries. The EAN offers availability for those communities that deserve information, without being dismissed by price or service area.

Communities unite under knowledge, and the EAN will get you there faster.

The Cost.

Two affordable educational membership packages that allow you to best fit your education and high-speed internet needs. With the EAN you get true unlimited data, with no data caps or reduced speeds.

Community members get exciting personal and professional development courses, full access to campus network, NMU LTE in your home, at camp, and soon to be across the UP at our top speed.
K-12, college, university, and other educational partners get full access to NMU LTE in your home, at school, and soon to be across the UP. Upgrade speed for an additional $5 per month.
With the EAN you get true unlimited data, with no data caps or reduced speeds.

The Connection.

Powerful and affordable connectivity for education. NMU LTE provides access and the speed you need.

Computer with wifi waves coming off the top

The Courses.

Great access to career and professional development courses to advance career, fulfill personal development needs, explore new topics, or regularly exercise your brain.

EAN access is included in tuition for associate, bachelor's and master's programs.

Online Degrees

So When a Place Like This Can Still Have High-Speed Internet Access, We Want to Know...

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How Soon Are You Ready to Have More Affordable Access to Broadband Educational Service?

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