Stress Management

Question Mark Road SignSometimes it's difficult to know what to do when you're faced with tough situations or to know how to cope with things that are beyond your control. The links below provide information that can help you create peace in your life.


Anxiety - Comprehensive guide to what causes stress and how you can help yourself

Stress/Anxiety (or outright panic) - A PowerPoint about stress and anxiety

Stress over a test? - PowerPoint presentation regarding stress cause by test anxiety

Relaxation - Tips on using meditation in order to relax


Death and Grief - Thoughts on dealing with death and/or significant losses

Friends at War - What to do while a friend/loved one is away

Crisis Survival - Common reactions following a crisis situation

Self Injury - Resource links for those seeking more information on self injury

Eating Disorders - Books and links for students concerned about body image and eating disorders

Suicidal Thoughts - A list of tips to help work through a difficult time

Sexual Assault Healing - Facts about assaults, and what men and women can do to prevent them

Sexual Assault Prevention: Everyone's Responsibility- Facts about sexual assault and how you can take action and responsibility in preventing assault.

Sleep Well to be Well - A look at the importance of sleep

Virtual Pamphlets Library - Collection of handouts/pamphlets from universities across the US

For Parents-Families