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Counseling and Consultation Services

Counseling services at NMU are free for all enrolled students. No insurance or other coverage is required. The office is located on the top floor of C.B. Hedgcock in Room 3405. We offer counseling and psychological services that facilitate students' personal development to participate more successfully in the NMU living and learning community.

Emergency Situations

Click here for Crisis Resources and information on How to Handle a Crisis

In an emergency situation, where there is a concern about immediate or imminent violence by a student to him or herself, or others, take action. Please call Public Safety at 906-227-2151, go to the emergency room at UP Health System-Marquette or call 911 immediately.

Emergency Resources include:

NMU Public Safety: (906) 227-2151

UP Health System-Marquette Emergency Room: (906) 225-3560             580 W. College Ave, Marquette, MI

Pathways 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1 (888) 728-4929

NMU Counseling and Consultation Services: (906) 227 2980. Call 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday. Summer hours in accordance with the University Schedule. 







Learn more about some of the services we offer
and how we can help you. All currently enrolled students are eligible for free and confidential
counseling and consultation services



Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do when faced with tough situations, or how to cope with things. <a href="/counselingandconsultation/node/19">Find easily accessible information here</a> to help with anything that may come up.

Quick Links

24-Hour Hotlines

24-Hour Hotlines

There are a number of 24-hour hotlines that can immediately help individuals who seek help.
Community Mental Health 24-Hour Crisis Line, 888-728-4929
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-TALK (8255)
National Drug and Alcohol Treatment, 800-622-HELP (4357)
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 800-656-HOPE (4673)

Counseling & Consultation 906-227-29803405 C.B. Hedgcock

Emergency sessions are available daily for crisis situations