Application Policy

Radiography studentAdmission Policy

Northern Michigan University radiography program seeks to admit students who can provide evidence of potential to succeed in the health care profession of radiologic sciences. Applicants who meet all entrance criteria will be fully considered on an individual basis for admission.

The admission process is completed in four parts. An applicant must meet all application requirements/deadlines from Part I and Part II to participate in Part III. Admittance into the program is finalized by Part IV completion of proof of immunizations and a criminal background check


Student selection is based upon a point system for the following application criteria:

1.  Letter of introduction/intent

2.  Community service/healthcare experience

3.  Supportive course cumulative GPA

4.  Interview

The top 20 cumulative scores representative of a good academic standing, motivation, dedication, adaptability, good interpersonal skills, and a discernable interest in others will be accepted into the program. In the event there are two or more applicants with the same point total, the highest student overall GPA will be used to break the tie.

Admission Process:  January 1 – April 1

Part I

Prerequisite General Education Courses/Advisement Session/Job Shadow.

An applicant must:

1) Have the academic skills that will allow enrollment in college level general education courses such as College Composition and College Algebra. This may require testing through an Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP) administered by a college or university.


2) Complete all prerequisite general educational courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above by May 15 of the application year. A list of general education courses is located under Curriculum.

  • College Composition II, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology must have a minimum grade of a C.
  • Human Anatomy and Human Physiology must have been completed within a six-year period.
  • A higher-level course may be substituted for MA 104, LB, CH 105, HL 101
  • 16 of the 35 credits must be completed at Northern Michigan University.


3)  Attend an admission advisement session:

Admission advisement session attendance is required prior to job shadowing and submission of application. Advisement sessions will be held in the radiography program classroom (West Science – Room 2609). Sessions are scheduled in two-hour blocks. Program faculty will provide definitions and information on the role and advancements of a radiographer, program highlights, program operations and the application process. Attendance will award an attendee a certificate of completion that must accompany the application as an attachment

Advisement Session Dates:

                        February 7, 2014
                        April 11, 2014
                        October 10, 2014

To schedule your attendance at an advisement session please contact the radiography program at 906-227-2868 or 906-227-2845. You must pre-register to attend.


4) Complete an observational job shadow:

An applicant must complete a 3-hour job shadow under direct supervision of an assigned mentor. Please refer to our job shadow section on the website for proper attire, possible questions and job shadow form

To request a job shadow, please contact the radiography program for a list of participating clinical affiliations. Job shadows will be scheduled from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., Monday – Friday. Documentation must be completed by the applicant and a Diagnostic Imaging Department assigned mentor


Part II

Submission of application materials.

An applicant must submit the following by April 1:

1) A completed official program application/attachments.

     a. Advisement session certificate

     b. Completed job shadow form

     c. Letter of introduction/intent

          i. Maximum 3 pages

                   1. Short autobiography (life experiences, aspirations, etc.)

                   2. Description of how you determine or evaluate your success

                   3. Example of when you gave up your personal time for a community or organization as a volunteer

                   4. Reasons for selecting radiography as a future career

                   5. Description of how you will benefit diagnostic imaging

2) Official transcripts of all college/university courses must be on file with the NMU registrar. (An official transcript must have been mailed directly from the institution).

3) Completion of community service/healthcare experience form


Application Point Award Criteria

All applicants will be evaluated equitably according to the following point-award system. The highest-ranking applicants will be invited to participate in a personal interview with the Admission Committee

Letter of Introduction / Intent:

Addressed topics 0-1 point
Demonstrated insight 0-1 point
Demonstration of personality 0-1 point
Grammar 0-1 point
Demonstration of interest in others 0-1 point
  5 points maximum


Community Service/Healthcare Experience

1 year or more

7 points

  6 months or greater

6 points

20 or more hours

5 points

15-19 hours

4 points

10-14 hours

3 points

6-9 hours

2 points

5 hours

1 point

7 points maximum


Supportive Course Cumulative GPA

(College Composition II, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, College Algebra)

3.8 – 4.0

7 points

3.6 – 3.79

6 points

3.4 – 3.59

5 points

3.2 – 3.39

4 points

3.0 – 3.19

3 points

2.8 – 2.99

2 points

2.7 – 2.79

1 point

7 points maximum


Part III

Admission Committee Interview

Application interviews will be conducted mid-May.

An applicant will be evaluated on the following criteria in their interview

Knowledge of profession 0-1 point
Dedication 0-1 point
Managing change 0-1 point
Accountability 0-1 point
Interpersonal skills 0-1 point
Total/3 interviewers 15 points maximum


Program Acceptance

Applicants will receive notification of their acceptance into the program by formal letter in May. Information in regards to program entrance status is mailed to the last address provided. It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain current contact information. An applicant that cannot be reached will forfeit their position of acceptance.

Applicants who are not selected in the initial round are ranked highest to lowest according to their total award points and assigned alternate status. Alternates are offered enrollment in ranked order if a selected candidate declines admission or does not qualify based on health status or criminal background search. Alternate status terminates when the new school year begins in August. Those wishing to be considered for the following year must reapply. NMU radiography program does not maintain an applicant waiting list.


Part IV

Health Status and Criminal Background Check

Only those applicants accepted into the program complete Part IV of the admission process. This includes: immunizations, a criminal background check and completion of the required forms of documentation

Please be advised: The cost of immunizations is the responsibility of the student (Healthcare services may be available at your local health department or university health center)

Enrollment into and graduation from the radiography program is contingent upon an accepted candidate’s demonstration of the health requirements listed below.


Health Status:

The following forms and supporting information are to be completed with authorized signatures.

1. Immunizations. Please provide documentation of your immunization record by completion of the School of Clinical Sciences immunization form.

         a.       Varicella, rubella and rubeola immunity

2. Hepatitis B.  Please provide a copy of your Hepatitis B vaccination series completion or declination.

3. TB skin test within 1 month of program start. Please provide a copy of your TB skin test results.

4. Tetanus within the last 10 years.


Criminal Background Check

For the protection of patients, employees and students, it is the policy of NMU to secure a criminal background check on all students if their clinical rotation exceeds 120 hours. Each student will complete and sign a disclosure/consent form. This completed form is to be returned to the program office with the School of Clinical Sciences immunization form by Aug. 1. Criminal background checks will be completed at cost to the student.

Please be advised: Conviction of a crime may affect a student’s eligibility for licensure by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT). Any student with a conviction record is advised to contact the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists at 615-687-0048 or at in regards to their ability to complete the licensure registry examination upon completion of the program.