Technology Guides


Audio Recording and Editing [Audacity]

Recording audio with Audacity

Recording audio with Audacity video tutorial

Software: Audacity | LAME MP3


Kodak PixPro SPZ1 (student use)

Kodak Play Touch (student & instructor use)

Kodak Zi8 (student & instructor use)

Kodak Easy Share Z5120 (also great for still shots)

Canon Vixia R500 (instructor use)

Lenovo Laptop WebCam

Document Cameras

AVerVision M70


Sphere2 [for AVer document cameras at student tables in Jamrich active learning classrooms]


Connecting Laptop to a Projector

DVD Playback & Multi-Format Media Player [VLC Media Player]

VLC Media Player download

Student Response System [iClickers]

Software: WIN | MAC

iClicker User Guide

iClicker Registration Instructions

iClicker Student Quick Start Guide

Interactive Display Tools [Open Sankore]

Open-Sankoré (for all NMU classroom interactive displays)

      Software: WIN / MAC

Open-Sankoré Tutorials (Translated from French)

Screen Recording / Lecture Capture

Recording a PowerPoint Presentation with Narration Using Camtasia Studio

Recording with Mediasite Live

Recording with Screencast-O-Matic

Podcasting [WildCast]

Access WildCast

Using WildCast

Instructions for Students to Upload Videos to a Podcast in WildCast Using Camtasia Relay

Podcasting Explained

7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting

Video Recording and Editing

Download Windows Movie Maker 2012

Video Editing Tutorial: Windows Movie Maker 2012

Converting Non-Copyrighted DVD and VHS Footage to MPEG Video

7 Things You Should Know About Online Media Editing

Wireless Connection Between Projector & Laptop [MirrorOp]

Connecting To A Projector Wirelessly using MirrorOp



Video Conferencing [Zoom]

Joining a Zoom video meeting

iPhone and iPad Screen sharing with Zoom

Best Virtual Classroom Practices

7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Meetings


Recording a PowerPoint Presentation with Narration Using Camtasia Studio

Computer shortcuts

Lenovo-specific FN Key Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts