Marquette Choral Society


Marquette Choral Society is a mixed chorus composed of members of the community of Marquette, Michigan and its surrounding area and of students at Northern Michigan University. It was founded in 1971. Marquette Choral Society performs two major concerts per year, one in December and the other in April. Over the years, it has focused much of its attention on the large works of the choral repertoire including the oratorios of Handel, Bach, and Haydn, masses by Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, etc.


Fall 2015 - Rehearsal tracks for Pinkhams's Christmas Contata





Fall 2015 - Rehearsal tracks for A Hymn of the Nativity

Soprano - 1 to 65
Soprano - 66 to end

Alto - 1 to 65
Alto - 66 to end

Tenor - 1 to 65
Tenor - 66 to end

Bass - 1 to 65
Bass - 66 to end


Help Support the Marquette Choral Society

There are two ways to give to the Marquette Choral Society:

  • Use this link to download and print a form that you can use to mail in a check to the NMU Foundation to support the Choral Society.

  • Use the NMU Foundation site from which you can make a contribution that will be charged to your credit card.

If you choose the second option, when you get to that page, enter "other" from the pull down menu as the designation and fill in "Marquette Choral Society" in the field that follows.  Use the "comment or special instructions" field to tell us how you would like to be listed in the program and how many tickets you would like for each concert.

News and Information

The Marquette Choral Society will be discussing changes to its bylaws at the annual fall meeting. See the proposed, revised bylaws.