Mailing, Shipping and Receiving Services

University Mail Services processes all classes of U.S. Mail, sends parcels out through United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and provides an intra campus mail service. Charges for services may be made to your departmental account number.

We can apply postage to non-personal outgoing mail and process international mail.

Our service-oriented staff:

  • Collects and delivers campus mail to university departments on a daily basis.
  • delivered mailProcess all classes of USPS mail, including:
    • First Class
    • Priority
    • Second-class
    • Standard Rate
    • Library Rate
    • International Mail

All USPS special services – including: certified, insured, registered and Express Mail are available.

  • Offers service via United Parcel Service; including Ground, Second-day, and Third-day.
  • Provides services for mailings of any size; including:
    • Ink jet messages
    • Addressing of Materials
    • Inserting materials into envelopes
    • Tabbing
    • Sealing and metering

You can drop off your standard rate and bulk rate mailings at the Printing Mailroom, 207 Services Building, or if printed through Printing Services, they will handle the mailing for you.

You may want to note that there is a branch of the post office located in the University Bookstore in the University Center.

Central Receiving

In addition to receiving and shipping all incoming and outgoing packages and freight (except for U.S. Postal Service items), NMU Central Receiving also handles:

  • Deliveries of all freight (large and small), including office order and Printing Services jobs
  • Recycling of lamps, toner cartridges, cardboard, tin, glass and plastic.
  • Surplus items—pickup, delivery and storage.
  • Moving jobs at a department’s request.