News for NMU Employees


Judith Puncochar (School of Education, Leadership and Public Service) and the late A. Chaedar Alwasilah of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia wrote a summary report of their collaborative academic efforts during the fall 2014 semester, while Punchochar was on sabbatical in Indonesia. The report is titled "Furthering Indonesian Higher Education through the Liberal Arts." They wrote that improving the quality of an Indonesian university education requires improvements in the nationally mandated Mata Kuliah Dasar Umum (MKDU) instruction, a robust curriculum and instructors of MKDU classes who "know how to teach for learning and how to hone undergraduate skills of inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. The MKDU curriculum must have an approved, integrated program of liberal arts outcomes-based coursework to support and enhance students’ specialized areas of study. The MKDU should have annual assessments of liberal arts learning outcomes. An effective MKDU would provide evidence of students’ skills for lifelong learning and evidence of an increasingly educated Indonesian citizenry. Establishing the liberal arts in the MKDU would have a favorable influence on Indonesia’s status as an international leader of higher education." Alwasilah passed away in December. Puncochar left the country Jan. 27 and will complete the second half of her sabbatical in the United States. She plans to finish two books: one for Indonesian lecturers and one for Indonesian first-year university students.

Shirley Brozzo's (Multicultural Education and Resource Center) review of Mind’s Eye: Stories from Whapmagoostui was published in the American Indian Culture and Research Journal, volume 39, number 3.