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World Music Class Crafts Instruments

Students in a world music course taught by Carrie Biolo (Music) recently displayed and demonstrated hand-built instruments they created. The assignment was based on previous class discussions of music in various countries/cultures, from India and Ghana to Indonesia and Zimbabwe. 

Biolo is pictured with a student playing his version of a didgeridoo. The shaker covered with colorful fall leaves also was among the 30 instruments students brought to the session.

“It was great to see all of the innovative designs and sounds that came from resources available to us,” Biolo said. “Students incorporated nature, recycled items, household materials and inexpensive store-bought products.”

The top three prize winners, by student vote, were: a rain stick made from poster mail tubes with finishing nails spiraled along the interior for dried rice and beans to fall through; bongos constructed of PVC pipes; and bottles filled with varying amounts of air from a bike pump to create different sounds.