News for NMU Employees


An article by Jon Barch, Rachel Harris and David Bonsall (Center for Student Enrichment) titled "Leadership Education as Character Development: Best Practices from 21 Years of Helping Graduates Live Purposeful Lives"was published in the Journal of College and Character. Developing character, ethical values, social responsibility and productive citizenship is identified in the mission of many colleges and universities. But accomplishing and measuring such growth in students is often questionable. This article describes development and implementation of NMU's Student Leader Fellowship Program, identifies several of the program's learning objectives, presents quantitative and qualitative outcomes assessment data demonstrating the program's impact on students, and discusses factors key to more than 20 years of program success.

John Bruggink (Biology), former NMU graduate student William J. Severud and collaborators from the National Park Service and Mississippi State University were coauthors of a paper published in Mammalian Biology. The article is titled "The role of forage availability on diet choice and body condition in American beavers (Castor canadensis)." The researchers used terrestrial and aquatic vegetation sampling, stable isotope analysis, and livetrapping to investigate the influence of estimated forage biomass on diet, body condition, and reproduction in American beavers (Castor canadensis) in the Namakan Reservoir, Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota from May 2008–September 2009.


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