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Human-Interaction Research Program

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dr. Mounia Ziat
NMU Psychology Dept.

In this talk, I will present the ongoing research projects in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). More specifically, I will be focusing on aspects of human cognition and perception to understand how we apply our senses to interact with objects and technologies. Our interaction with the world requires the use of several senses that include visual, auditory, and haptic inputs. The development of new tactile technologies gives a new breath to haptic research that is concerned with the study of cutaneous, proprioceptive, and kinesthetic senses but also to the field of HCI. From mobile HCI to Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), through Natural User Interface (NUI) and Tangible User Interface (TUI), I will present the new directions and issues related to interaction with technologies.  Several computer science students play an important role in this research program.

Mathematics and Computer Science Brown Bag Colloquium and Seminar Series


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