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Integrated Science Major with Earth Science Minor (Option III)

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Total Credits Required for Degree 127-133

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Professional Education 37

Total Credits Required for Major 62-64
Earth Science Education Concentration 22-24
Earth Science Electives 6-8
    Choose 6-8 credits from the following: 
         GC 202 Soils (4 cr.)
         GC 225 Introduction to Maps (2 cr.)
         GC 365 Historical Geology (4 cr.)
         GC 370 Geomorphology (4 cr.)
         GC 390 Oceanography (2 cr.)
Biology Electives 16
Chemistry Electives 14
Physics Electives 10

Note: MA 104 College Algebra with Applications or MA 111 College Algebra for Calculus Preparation is required for many of the courses in this program.