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International Studies Minor

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Total Credits Required for Minor 24

Core 9
Approved Electives* 15

Additional Requirements:

Language Proficiency
International studies minors must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at the 102 level or higher. This can be accomplished by completing a 102 (or 200 or higher) course in a language or by verification through the Modern Languages and Literatures Department (i.e. determined by examination or through some other means of confirming proficiency).

Program Approval
A program approval for international studies minors must be prepared and approved by an academic advisor from the Modern Languages and Literatures Department and a copy forwarded to Degree Evaluations in the Registrar’s Office. A degree evaluation will not be performed until approval is received. 



*The electives may be chosen from any of the courses under the international studies major, non-regional or regional tracks.

Up to 12 credits of IP 285/286/485/486 can be counted as electives. No more than 8 credits of any other prefix can apply as electives.

Up to 8 credits can be applied from the list of non-regional elective courses and/or core for the international studies major.

Courses listed for the regional tracks of the international studies major may also be used as electives.