Psychology Major
On-Campus and Online through NMU Global Campus

The psychology major educates students on the primary fields of the science of psychology. The major prepares students for occupations in psychology and for graduate degree programs in psychology by providing advanced coursework and laboratory experiences. Students majoring in psychology must complete all psychology courses, both transfer and NMU, with a grade of “C-” or higher. Students intending to apply to graduate psychology programs upon the completion of a bachelor’s degree in psychology are strongly advised to take PY305 Psychological Statistics as an elective in this major.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 120

Liberal Studies 30-40

Required Courses in Major 32
Psychology Core Courses 12
Physiological/Neuropsychology Course 4
Learning/Cognition Course 4
     PY 211 Learning (4 cr.) or
Social/Development Course 4
     PY 335 Social Psychology (4 cr.) or
Elective Courses 8
Psychology Elective 300 level or above 4
Psychology Elective 400 level or above 4

Minor 20