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Business Computer Information Systems Major

This program’s objectives are to apply computer theory to business applications and to provide a strong dual knowledge foundation in technical and problem-solving skills. Students select an area of emphasis from end-user training, Web development or networking administration. People-oriented career paths lead to positions as computer consultants, analysts, trainers and high-tech marketers. Alternate careers as software programmers, database managers and network administrators tie the technical skills to the support and use of computer systems.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 128

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Business Core 32

Business Computer Information Systems 34
Technology Core 18
Area of Concentration 
Choose an area of concentration from the following: 
End User Training 16
Approved CIS Electives* 8
Web Development 16
Approved CIS Electives* 6
Networking Administration 16
Approved CIS Elective(s)* 4

Other Required Courses 24
     MA 115 Precalculus (4 cr.) [III] or
     MA 161 Calculus I (5 cr.) [III]
     SP 120 Small Group Process (4 cr.)

General Electives Outside the College of Business 6
*Approved CIS Electives 
Applied to Concentration 

This major does not require a minor.