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Clinical Health Science Major

Designed for a certified clinical professional with a minimum of an associate degree or equivalent. This degree completes the liberal studies requirements needed in any baccalaureate degree and complements this with clinically relevant professional courses. A bachelor of science degree is preferred for positions such as supervisor or program director, or to compete effectively in medical supply companies and equipment vendors.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 127

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 45-71
Clinical Specialty Area 
RAD, RSP, ST Courses in Associate Degree 32-60
    For Surgical Technologists Only 
Other Required Courses 19
     OIS 171 Medical Terminology (4 cr.)
CIS or CS or IS Electives 2-4
Chemistry Elective 105 or higher 4

This major does not require a minor.