All Programs (listed in alphabetical order)

Accounting Major
Accounting Minor
Accounting/Computer Information Systems Major
Accounting/Corporate Finance Major
Accounting/Financial Planning Major
Advanced Law Enforcement Diploma
Alternative Energies Minor
Anthropology Minor
Applied Child Development - Associate of Applied Science
Applied Ethics Minor
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Ceramics
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Digital Cinema
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Drawing and Painting
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Electronic Imaging
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Furniture Design
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Graphic Communication
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Human Centered Design
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Illustration
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Jewelry, Metalsmithing and Blacksmithing
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Photography
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Printmaking
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Sculpture
Art and Design - B.F.A. Requirements: Woodworking
Art and Design Education Major
Art and Design Major - Associate of Applied Arts
Art and Design Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Art and Design Major - Bachelor of Science
Art and Design Minor
Art History Major - Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Art History Minor
Athletic Training Major
Automotive Service Certificate
Automotive Service Technology - Associate of Technology
Automotive Service Technology Minor
Aviation Maintenance Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Aviation Maintenance Technology Certificate
Biochemistry Major
Biology - General Major
Biology Major - Ecology Emphasis
Biology Major - Microbiology Emphasis
Biology Major - Physiology Emphasis
Biology Minor
Botany Major
Building Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Business Administration Minor
Business Computer Information Systems Major
Chemistry Major (ACS Certified)
Chemistry Minor
Child Care Services Minor
Climate Control Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Clinical Assistant Certificate
Clinical Health Science Major
Clinical Laboratory Science Major
Clinical Laboratory Techniques Minor
Clinical Laboratory Technology - Associate of Applied Science
CLS Concentration: Anatomic Pathology
CLS Concentration: Clinical Systems Analyst
CLS Concentration: Diagnostic Genetics
CLS Concentration: Laboratory Medicine
CLS Concentration: Microbiology
CLS Concentration: Science Technologist
Collision Repair Technology Diploma (Temporarily Suspended)
Communication Studies Major
Communication Studies Minor
Community Health Education Major
Computer Information Systems - Associate of Business
Computer Information Systems Minor
Computer Numerical Control Technician Certificate
Computer Numerical Control Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Computer Science Major
Computer Science Minor
Construction Management
Construction Systems Minor*
Contracted Minor
Cosmetology Certificate
Cosmetology Instructor Certification
Criminal Justice - Associate of Science
Criminal Justice Major
Criminal Justice Minor
Early Childhood Major
Earth Science Major
Earth Science Minor
Economics Major
Economics Minor
Electrical Line Technician Diploma
Electrical Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Electronic Journalism Major
Electronic Journalism Minor
Electronics Engineering Technology Major
Electronics Minor
Elementary Education - Two Minors
Elementary Education English Major
Elementary Education English Minor
Elementary Education French Minor
Elementary Education Geography Minor
Elementary Education German Minor
Elementary Education History Minor
Elementary Education Integrated Science Major
Elementary Education Integrated Science Minor
Elementary Education Language Arts Major
Elementary Education Language Arts Minor
Elementary Education Mathematics Major
Elementary Education Mathematics Minor
Elementary Education Physical Education Minor
Elementary Education Reading Minor
Elementary Education Social Studies Major
Elementary Education Social Studies Minor
Elementary Education Spanish Minor
Elementary Education Special Education Major
Emergency Medical Services Minor
Engineering Design - Associate of Applied Science
Engineering Design Minor
English Graduate Bound Major
English Major
English Minor
English Writing Major
Entertainment and Sports Promotion Major
Entertainment and Sports Promotion Minor
Entrepreneurship Major
Entrepreneurship Minor
Environmental Conservation Major
Environmental Conservation Minor
Environmental Science Major
Film Studies Minor
Finance and Risk Management Major
Finance Minor
Food Service Management - Associate of Technology
Forensic Biochemistry Major
French Certification
French Major
French Minor
Full Honors
Full Honors with World Language Studies
Gender Studies Minor
General Business - Associate of Business
General Psychology Major
General University Studies - Associate of Applied Science
Geographic Information Science Major
Geographic Information Systems Certificate
Geographic Information Systems Minor
Geography Cluster Minor
German Certification
German Minor
German Studies Major
Gerontology Minor
Group Science Minor
Health and Nutrition Minor
Health Education Cluster Minor
Health Information Processing - Associate of Business
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Minor
History Major
History Minor
Hospitality Management
Hospitality Service Management Minor
Human Behavior Cluster Minor
Human Biology Minor
Human Geography Major
Human Geography Minor
Human Services Minor
Individually Created Programs (ICP)/Individualized Studies
Industrial Electrical Technology Minor
Industrial Maintenance Minor
Industrial Maintenance Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Industrial Technologies Major
Integrated Science Major with Biology Minor (Option 1)
Integrated Science Major with Chemistry Minor (Option II)
Integrated Science Major with Earth Science Minor (Option III)
Integrated Science Major with Physics Minor (Option IV)
International Studies Major
International Studies Minor
Interpretation and Outdoor Education Minor
Journalism Minor
Labor Leadership Certification
Latin American Studies Minor
Law Enforcement - Associate of Applied Science
Liberal Arts and Sciences - Associate of Arts
Liberal Arts and Sciences Major - Option 1
Liberal Arts and Sciences Major - Option 2
Local Corrections Diploma
Loss Prevention Management Major
Lower Division Honors
Management Major
Management Minor
Management of Health and Fitness Major
Manufacturing Minor
Marketing Major
Marketing Minor
Mathematics Major
Mathematics Minor
Mechanical Engineering Technology Major
Media Production and New Technology Major
Media Production and New Technology Minor
Media Studies Minor
Military Science Minor
Music Major
Music Minor
Native American Studies Minor
Network Computing Major
Nursing Major
Office Information Assistant - Associate of Business
Office Services Certificate
Office Services Minor
Outdoor Leadership Minor
Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management Major
Outdoor Recreation Leadership Management Cluster Minor
Outdoor Recreation Minor
Philosophy Major
Philosophy Minor
Physical Education - Coaching Major
Physical Education - Coaching Minor
Physical Geography Major
Physical Geography Minor
Physics Major
Physics Minor
Planning Major
Planning Minor
Plastic Injection Technology Certificate (Temporarily Suspended)
Political Science / Pre-Law Major
Political Science Major
Political Science Minor
Portuguese Certification
Practical Nursing Certificate (Temporarily Suspended)
Pre-Architecture Program
Pre-Chiropractic Program
Pre-Dental Program
Pre-Engineering Program
Pre-Law Program
Pre-Medical Program
Pre-Optometry Program
Pre-Pharmacy Program
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant Program
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program
Psychology Minor
Psychology/Behavior Analysis Major
Psychology/Graduate School Preparation Major
Public Administration Major
Public Administration Minor
Public History Minor
Public Relations Major
Public Relations Minor
Radiography - Associate of Applied Science
Religious Studies Minor
Respiratory Therapy - Associate of Applied Science
RN to Baccalaureate Nursing Major
Secondary Education Biology Major
Secondary Education Biology Minor
Secondary Education Chemistry Major
Secondary Education Chemistry Minor
Secondary Education Earth Science Major
Secondary Education Earth Science Minor
Secondary Education Economics Major
Secondary Education Economics Minor
Secondary Education English Major
Secondary Education English Minor
Secondary Education French Major
Secondary Education French Minor
Secondary Education Geography Major
Secondary Education Geography Minor
Secondary Education German Minor
Secondary Education Health Education Major
Secondary Education Health Education Minor
Secondary Education History Major
Secondary Education History Minor
Secondary Education Industrial Technology Major
Secondary Education Integrated Science Major
Secondary Education Journalism Minor
Secondary Education Mathematics Major
Secondary Education Mathematics Minor
Secondary Education Music Major
Secondary Education Physical Education Major
Secondary Education Physical Education Minor
Secondary Education Physics Major
Secondary Education Physics Minor
Secondary Education Political Science Major
Secondary Education Political Science Minor
Secondary Education Social Studies Major
Secondary Education Spanish Major
Secondary Education Spanish Minor
Secondary Education Special Education Major
Ski Area Business Management Major
Social Service Minor
Social Work Major
Sociology in Liberal Arts Major
Sociology Major
Sociology Minor
Spanish Certification
Spanish Major
Spanish Minor
Special Studies Certificate
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Major
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Minor
Sports Science Cluster Minor
Sports Science Major
Surgical Technology - Associate of Applied Science
Technical Communications Major
Theatre Major
Theatre Minor
Upper Division Honors
Welding Certificate
Writing Minor
Zoology Major