Admissions Policies

Admissions Office
Address: 2212 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-2650, 800-682-9797
Web page:
Director: Gerri L. Daniels
Associate Director: William E. Laffey
Assistant Directors: Michelle A. Borleske, Joanne R. Chalgren, Alison R. Crowley, José L. Garcia, Gina A. Lombardini, Dena A. Russell, W. Kevin Stulz, Jon T. Teichman, Cary Vajda
Senior Counselors: Christina Carr, Latonya Garth, Marcia Lovett, Michelle Mattes, Kari Proehl, Nichole Veirs
Counselor: Rebecca Zemba

The Admissions Office processes all requests for information and all applications for admission for new and re-entering undergraduate students. Applications for admission and information regarding academic programs and scholarships will be sent upon request. Forms and information are also available on the Admissions Web page.

For information on admission to graduate studies at NMU, see the Graduate Studies Admission Web page or contact the Graduate Studies Office at 906-227-2300.