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Biology Major - Ecology Emphasis

This major provides a background for further study or for introductory positions of employment in fish and wildlife management, forestry, environmental science and other natural resource fields. Students interested in a career in wildlife biology should obtain information from the Biology Department on course selection for certification as an associate wildlife biologist by the Wildlife Society.

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Total Credits Required for Degree 124

Liberal Studies 30-40
Health Promotion Requirements 2

Required Courses in Major 50-52
Physiology Elective 
Choose from the following: 4
Conservation and Management Elective 
Choose from the following: 4
Behavioral, Population and Community Ecology Elective 
Choose from the following: 4
Ecosystems Elective 
Choose from the following: 4
Taxonomic and Organismal Biology Electives 
Choose 6-8 credits from groups above or from the following: 6-8
BI 499 Internship (1-6 cr.)

Other Required Courses 27-30
     CH 321 Organic Chemistry I (4 cr.)
PH 201 College Physics I (5 cr.) [III] or 5
Electives 4-6
Choose from the following: 
GC 202 Soils (4 cr.)

*Transfer students may satisfy this requirement with a minimum of 4 semester hours.