Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Contact Information
Address: 1513 West Science
Phone: 906-227-2125
Fax: 906-227-2178
Department Head: Kevin Foley
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at NMU

The Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department offers an undergraduate program that emphasizes human communication processes in a multicultural society. It encourages its majors to be active participants in their classes, in faculty research and other professional development activities. The department fosters advanced knowledge and practice through course work and clinic opportunities in serving children with speech, language or hearing disorders.

Professional/Graduate School Preparation

Courses in speech, language and hearing sciences are designed for students who wish to enter a graduate program in speech-language pathology and/or audiology. Pre-professional courses meet the requirements for the Council for Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Department Facilities

The Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic on the NMU campus serves the communication, cognitive and swallowing needs of children and adults from Marquette and the surrounding area. The clinic also provides pre-professional clinical practice experience to students enrolled in the speech, language and hearing sciences major.

Department/Program Policies

In order to be successful in the speech, language and hearing sciences major, students should earn a letter grade of “B” or higher in the English composition courses (EN 111 and EN 211). The department requires a 2.0 grade point average in the major. However, it should be noted that most graduate programs require a minimum of an overall 3.00 grade point average. Therefore, all students are assigned a faculty adviser who will carefully monitor their progress throughout the program.

Bachelor Degree Program

Liberal Studies: Complete information on the liberal studies requirements and additional graduation requirements, including the health promotion requirement, is in the “Liberal Studies Program and Graduation Requirements” section of this bulletin.

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Minor Program