Admissions Policies

Admissions Office
Address: 2212 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-2650, 800-682-9797
Web page:
Director: Gerri L. Daniels
Associate Director: William E. Laffey
Assistant Directors: Michelle A. Borleske, Joanne R. Chalgren, Alison R. Crowley, José L. Garcia, Gina A. Lombardini, Dena A. Russell, W. Kevin Stulz, Jon T. Teichman, Cary Vajda
Senior Counselors: Michelle Corcoran, Latonya Garth, Marcia Lovett
Counselors: Christina Carr, Nichole Zarkowski, Rebecca Zemba

The Admissions Office processes all requests for information and all applications for admission for new and re-entering undergraduate students. Applications for admission and information regarding academic programs and scholarships will be sent upon request. Forms and information are also available on the Admissions Web page.