Donna M. Becker


2013 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2443
E-mail: dbecker@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Research in my lab involves the study of plant-microbe interactions. The overarching theme involves investigating the microbial ecology of plant-associated microbes and applying that knowledge to improve plant growth.

Advising: General Biology, Microbiology


Robert Belton

Associate Professor

2107 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-1582
E-mail: rbelton@nmu.edu

Research Interests: I am interested in the communication that occurs between cells during embryonic development, and the miscommunication that results in diseases such as cancer.

Advising: Physiology, Microbiology, Biology



John G. Bruggink


2117 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2342
E-mail: jbruggin@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Wildlife ecology and management, population ecology.

Advising: Wildlife Biology, Ecology, Zoology and General Biology


Neil Cumberlidge

Neil Cumberlidge


2009 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2215
E-mail: ncumberl@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Taxonomy, phylogenetic systematics, evolution, physiology, parasitology, conservation, ecology, and biogeography of the freshwater crabs of Africa and Madagascar. Research interests also include the freshwater crabs of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Central and South America.

Advising: Pre-Optometry, Physiology, Zoology.


Kurt Galbreath

Associate Professor

2119 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-1586

Research Interests: Historical biogeography of Holarctic mammals and their parasites, host-parasite co-evolution 

Advising: Zoology, Parasitology, Evolutionary Biology




Brent Graves

Brent Graves


2007 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2218
E-mail: bgraves@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Behavioral ecology, life history evolution, herpetology

Advising: General Biology, Ecology, Zoology


Jennifer Jezylo

Assistant Professor

E-mail: jemyers@nmu.edu

Teaching and Advising: Human anatomy and physiology, pre-veterinary medicine

Jill Leonard

Jill B. K. Leonard


2115 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-1619
E-mail: jileonar@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Fish biology, physiological ecology, migration.

Advising: Fish and Fisheries Biology, Marine Biology, Ecology, Physiological Ecology


Alec R. Lindsay


2113 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-1834
E-mail: alindsay@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Conservation genetics, ornithology, animal behavior, evolution.

Advising: Ecology, General Biology, Zoology


Jaime Mancilla

Visiting Assistant Professor

2809 West Science
Phone: 906-227-2246
E-mail: jmancill@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Connectivity of neurons in the somatosensory cortex and brainstem.

Teaching: Neuroscience, neuroanatomy endocrinology, physiology



Erich Ottem

Associate Professor

2109 New Science Facility
Phone: (906) 227-1072
E-mail: eottem@nmu.edu

Research Interests: The role of neurotrophic factors and gonadal steroids in the maintenance of neuromuscular junctions and motorneuron dendritic morphology. The influence of gonadal steroids on the physiological functioning of sexually dimorphic nuclei in the endocrine hypothalamus.

Advising: Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Neuroanatomy, General Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology


John Rebers

John Rebers

Professor and Department Head

2011 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-1585
E-mail: jrebers@nmu.edu

Research Interests:The current focus of my research is the nature of protein/chitin interactions in the arthropod exoskeleton, or cuticle. I am investigating the protein domains required for cuticular proteins to bind to the polysaccharide chitin, using recombinant DNA techniques to modify the proteins and studying the binding of purified proteins in vitro.

Advising: General Biology, Cellular or Molecular Biology


Alan Rebertus

Alan J. Rebertus

2005 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2351
E-mail: arebertu@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Ecology of endangered plant flora; roles of disturbances (fire, wind) and large mammals on community and landscape dynamics.

Advising:Biology-Ecology Track, General Biology, Zoology




Josh S. Sharp

Assistant Professor

2111 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2380

Research Interests: Gene regulation in bacteria, medical microbiology, RNA degradation, regulators of bacterial virulence gene expression, and toxin secretion systems.

Advising: Microbiology, Medically-related Professional Fields


Roger (Mac) Strand


2121 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2365
E-mail: rostrand@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Stream ecology, ecohydrology, aquatic invertebrate community ecology and bioenergetics, ecology of Lake Superior, upper peninsula stream conservation.

Advising: Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology


Katherine C. Teeter

Associate Professor

2015 New Science Facility
Phone: 906-227-2177
E-mail: kteeter@nmu.edu

Research Interests: Population and evolutionary genetics

Advising: Biology, Zoology, Physiology