On February 9, 1985, the U.S. Olympic Committee established an Olympic training center on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. Four years later, on February 19, 1989, due to the unique academic opportunities available to athletes training at NMU, the Center was redesignated as the nation's first and only U.S. Olympic Education Center. Because of difficult training schedules, traveling, and a lack of facilities and coaches, elite athletes often spend much of their time away from home, making it very difficult to continue their education. That's why the U.S. Olympic Committee established the Olympic Education Center, to develop elite athletes for competition and students for the classroom.

Unlike the traditional in-out Olympic training center, USOEC athletes live and train in Marquette most of the year. USOEC student athletes attend Northern Michigan University or Marquette Senior High School. They receive room and board, sports medicine services, top coaching, transportation, and access to first class training facilities at NMU and in the surrounding area. In addition, resident athletes receive in-state tuition, sports psychology, exercise physiology, counseling, tutoring and other educational services. The Olympic athlete's lifestyle is one of sacrifice and dedication. The top level athletes travel several times a year, often overseas, competing against the world's best.  They must balance their daily training, travel, diet and nutrition, academics, and a social life.

The USOEC is home of resident athlete programs in boxing, short track speedskating, weightlifting, men's Greco-roman wrestling and women's Freestyle wrestling.

The USOEC is presenting a 40 to 50 minute videoconferencing program from one of NMU's distant learning classrooms or training venues in which students have the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the athletes and/or their coaches. Students are treated to a display of the athletic equipment and its use, a view of the facilities, and are provided a basic understanding of the USOEC program.

The program is suitable for students in grades 3- 9.  Scheduling is dependent upon USOEC availability.

Contact: Mike Fields, USOEC Assistant Director
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