Past Events

Music ​Personalities
OK Go Henry Rollins - musician & speaker
Plain White T's Maya Angelou - write
Motion City Soundtrack Al Franken - satirist & author
Emerson Drive Gideon Yago - MTV correspondent
June Morgan Spurlock - Supersize Me
Lucky Boys Confusion Jeff Corwin - Animal Planet
Chiodos Dr. Drew Pinksy - Love Line TV show
The Lawrence Arms Jodie Sweetin - Full House TV show
Jason LeVasseur Daryl Davis - musician & author
The Swellers Herman Boone - ex-footbal coach & speaker
The Matches Rubin Carter - "The Hurricane"
Bill Branch and the Sons of Blues  
Magic Slim and The Teardrops Special Events
Javier Mendoza President George W. Bush - Superior Dome
Clear image Pornography Debate - featuring Ron Jeremy
Silent Point VH1's Best Week Ever Roadshow
The Junior Varsity The Great Marijuana Debate
Cal the Medic President Les Wong's Convocation
And the Sky Went Red Catholic Diocese of Marquette Sesquicentennial Celebration
Fried Chinese Donalds Finnfest 2005
This Hope for Fire Ore to Shore Mountian Bike Epic - starting lines and awards ceremony
The Devil Wears Prada Noquemenon Ski Race - finish line
The Minor League Welcome Weekend - outdoor movie
Bosio Late night at the PEIF
Riot 49 NMU Commencement Ceremony
Dale K - hypnotist  
Lewis Black - comedian  
Chris Carter - ESP show  
Eric O'Shea - comedian  
Buss Sutherland - comedian  
Jeff Evason - mind reader  
Leighann Lord - comedian  
Alexandra McHale - comedian  
Horace HB Sanders - comedian  
Jud Laipply - comedian  
Mad Chad Taylor - chainsaw juggler  
Mike Super - illusionist