NMU Videoconferencing


Rooms: Audio Visual Services supports three distance learning rooms. These facilities allow participants at either end of the connection (local or distant site) to view each other, documents, a computer desktop image, or to watch a video. Sessions can also be recorded onto DVD or streaming media (Video-on-Demand).

Mobile: When needed, we support local presentations requiring on-site videoconferencing. A fully interactive video conference may emanate from just about any point on campus, to include a classroom, lab, or location with Ethernet access.

Desktop Conferencing: When considering desktop videoconferencing, whether it is for your students, yourself, or a guest speaker, several options are available, to include Cisco Jabber, Zoom, and Skype.

Video Bridge: We maintain a Codian SD, and a Cisco HD H.323 MCU (Multi-point Control Unit). Both units accommodate SD and HD endpoints while preserving video resolution, speed, and frame rate of each site. Both support H.329, the simultaneous viewing of video (people) and content (data/laptop).The continuous presence video allows for multiple viewing options with FAR-Site-Control by the end user. Dial In or Out with full tech support.

To schedule use of a distance learning room, please call Audio Visual Services @ 906-227-2913. Faculty members may also call on the Center for Teaching & Learning at 227-2483 for assistance in developing a face-to-face or hybrid course involving videoconferencing. For all other consultation, inquiries, and videoconferencing needs, please call Audio Visual Services.