Academic Probation Agreement Form

This is an agreement between Northern Michigan University (“the university”) and you. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have been placed on academic probation by the university due to an overall NMU grade point average (GPA) of less than 2.00 (this GPA does not include any transfer or other grades). The purpose of this status is to help you improve.

Overall Credit Hours
at end of Semester
Semester GPA Required
to Remain at NMU

if you have

Less than 28 credit hours

1.70 semester GPA or higher

if you have

28 to less than 56 credit hours

1.80 semester GPA or higher*

if you have

56 or more credit hours

2.00 semester GPA or higher

 *If only enrolled in one course, you must attain a 2.00 semester GPA or higher.  (A GPA of 1.80 can only be achieved through an average of grades from more than one course.)

Please fill out the following information (you can also download and complete the Probation Agreement Form):