An NMU professor and four students presented papers at the recent XXVII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports held in Limerick, Ireland. Pictured are (front row) Jodi Tervo and Mahendran Kaliyamoorthy; (back row) Sarah Leissring, Randall Jensen (HPER) and Shinya Abe.

Each of the students presented papers for which they served as the lead author. The papers, all of which were also published in Proceedings of the XXVII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, were:

S. Abe and R.L. Jensen: "Effect of ski boot tightness on shock attenuation time and joint angle with anterior-posterior foot positioning in drop landings."

S. Abe, M.K.D. Lewis, K. Malliah, P.L. Malin, and R.L. Jensen: "Effect of bilateral or single leg landing on knee kinematics."

M. Kaliyamoorthy and R.L. Jensen: "Reliability of time to stabilization in single leg standing."

M. Kaliyamoorthy, P.B. Watts, R.L. Jensen and J.A. LaChapelle: "Effect of fatigue on dynamic balance after maximum intensity cross country skiing."

S.K. Leissring, W.P. Ebben, L.R. Garceau, E.J. Petushek, R.L. Jensen: "Reliability of forces during variations of plyometric exercises."

J.L. Tervo & R.L Jensen: "Peak velocity of Nordic ski double pole technique: stand-up vs. sit skiing."

R.L. Jensen: "Measurement techniques in assessing athletic power."

R.L. Jensen, S.K. Leissring, L.R. Garceau, E.J. Petushek, W.P. Ebben: "Quantifying the onset of the concentric phase of the force-time record during jumping."

E.P. Flanagan, R.L. Jensen, A.J. Harrison, and D. Rickaby: "The effect of fatigue on reactive strength in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed individuals." Winner of the New Investigator Award.

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