Timothy Compton, (Modern Languages and Literatures) recently had three articles published in Latin American Theatre Review, the leading journal in the field of Latin American theater. In the spring 2009 edition, he published "A Bi-National Celebration of Contemporary Mexican Theatre November 12-15, 2008 - El Paso, Texas."  The remaining two articles appeared in the fall 2008 issue: "Mexico City's Spring 2008 Theatre Season" and "VII Conference/Festival Latin American Theatre Today."  All three report on plays and related events Compton attended. He has visited Mexico City for 18 straight years to study theater. During his recent visit, he was interviewed about his experiences for a 30-minute cultural television program (Programa de la Revista de la Universidad de México) in Mexico City.

Neil Cumberlidge (Biology), his freshman fellow Kirstin Meyer and scientists from the Zoological Society of London published "Freshwater crabs and the biodiversity crisis: Importance, threats, status and conservation challenges" in the August issue of Biological Conservation. Their research also was covered by such media as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman in Edinburgh. The scientists conducted a "Red List" assessment on behalf of the International Union for Conservation of Nature found that one-sixth of all freshwater crab species are critically endangered, with habitat loss and pollution to blame. Freshwater crabs play a vital role in recycling dead material, helping to maintain the health of rivers. The disappearance of freshwater crabs from these ecosystems would break the nutrient cycle and open the flood gates for parasites and disease.

Mary Jane Tremethick (HPER) co-authored an article titled "Disaster planning and response: considering the needs of the frail elderly," which was published in the International Journal of Emergency Management (6, 1-13). She and representatives of the University of Tennessee Safety Center in Knoxville explore the factors affecting the frail elderly during and after an emergency and propose strategies to minimize their impact on this vulnerable group of people.


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