Fund Raising Policy Revised


Northern employees who would like to solicit any financial or in-kind contributions for university-related purposes should notify the NMU Foundation before contacting prospective donors or planning an event. The procedure is outlined in the university’s fundraising policy, which was updated recently for the first time in 20 years.

“There is a one-page form available online that should be completed and sent to our office,” said Martha Haynes (Foundation). “We can turn it around within a couple of days. The review process is designed to protect the confidentiality of our donor lists, to prevent us from duplicating requests or jeopardizing larger gifts, and to ensure that we remain within legal bounds on all requests. The Foundation might also be able to suggest ways to make a solicitation more successful. Our goal isn’t to be punitive. That’s why there’s a financial incentive for people to work with us on this.”

Those who comply with the policy and deposit all charitable contributions through the NMU Foundation will receive an additional 5 percent of funds raised – up to $1,000 per effort. Student organizations that engage in fundraising must receive prior approval from the Dean of Students and do not need Foundation approval unless the project goal exceeds $1,000.

Haynes added that the NMU Foundation should also be notified of in-kind gifts before they are accepted.

“We need to make sure that the donation won’t turn into a liability or end up costing the university money,” she said. “For example, Northern has received obsolete equipment in the past. It couldn’t be used for any educational purpose, so the university had to pay to dispose of it. We’ve turned down some offers because the cost would outweigh the benefit.”

The full policy and online solicitation approval form are available at Fund Raising/Solicitation.   


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Updated: September 11, 2006

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