Whoever vs. Whoever

Whomever and Whoever

The use of whomever and whoever is largely based upon the subject and verb of the sentence.

Rule One

            To determine whether to use whoever or whomever follow this rule:

  • Him + he = whoever
    • Give it to whomever/whoever asks for it first.
    • Give it to him. He asked for it first.
  • Him + him = whomever
    • We will hire whomever/whoever you recommend.
    • We will hire him. You recommended him.

Rule Two

            When the entire clause is the subject of the verb that follows the clause, look inside the clause to determine whether to use whoever or whomever

  • Whoever/whomever is elected will serve a four year term.
    • Whoever is elected is the subject of will serve.
    • Whoever is the subject of is.


  1. Sherry will share her juicy bit of gossip with __________ she finds in the cafeteria.
  2. Jennifer will share her big bag of mixed nuts and dried cranberries with __________ sits beside her in the cafeteria.
  3. You can tell __________ seasoned this sauce that salt doesn’t contribute to global warming or destroy the rainforest.
  4. After taking a bad step, Glenda cursed __________ allowed a dog to defecate on her pristine lawn



Answers: 1.whomever 2.whoever 3.whomever 4.whoever


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