For Faculty

Writing Center Orientations

For instructors interested in orienting a class with the Writing Center we have provided the following two documents:

Click here to download instructor orientation material

Click here to download student orientation material

The first document informs faculty on how to most effectively recommend the Writing Center to a student. The second document is a the official orientation handout which instructors are encouraged to share with their class to explain the function of the Writing Center. We encourage instructors to bring their class by the Writing Center after their library tour to show students our location and ask staff any questions not answered in the orientation handout. If there are any questions concerning the Writing Center orientation handouts please email the Writing Center Assistant Director, Amy Hansen, at

Reports to Instructors and Students’ Files

When students visit the Writing Center, they sign in on our daily log with their name and their instructors’ names.  Once per week, those logs are collected and a report is sent to the instructors to inform them that their students have visited the Writing Center and are actively involved in improving their writing.  If you have any questions about these sessions or the reports, feel free to contact the Writing Center Assistant Director, Amy Hansen, at or the Writing Center Director Z.Z. Lehmberg at

Referral Forms

If you are referring a student to the Writing Center, please fill out a referral form. Referral form information.